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Bitcoin Music

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The Bitcoin Music is a DeFi protocol for music on Polkadot. Bitcoin Music focuses on bringing more functionality to the bitcoin currency with an intention to drive bitcoin's adoption in the music space. It makes use of PolkaBTC, a trust-minimized public bridge for Polkadot's DeFi ecosytem. Every PolkaBTC is backed 1:1 by real bitcoin and it allows the redeeming of the equivalent amount of bitcoins by relying on an over-collateralized third-party. More info regarding PolkaBTC and its underlying technology can be found on
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1 avr. 2021
30 avr. 2021
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Bitcoin Music allows individuals to create and issue their own tokens for anything they can imagine. The potential use cases for so-called Smart Music Assets (SMA) are innumerable. On the one hand, Smart Assets can be used as simple event tickets deposited on the customer's mobile phone to pass the entrance of a concert. On the other hand, they can be used for crowdfunding, ownership tracking, or even to sell equity of a music album in form of stock.

All you need to do is click in order to create a new Smart Music Asset, define your preferred parameters for your coin, such as supply, precision, symbol, description, and see your coin’s birth after only a few seconds. From that point on, you can issue some of your coins to whomever you want, sell them and see them instantly traded against any other existing coin on the Bitcoin Music internal exchange.

Unless you want some restriction, as the issuer, you have certain privileges over your coin, for instance, you can allow trading only in certain market pairs and define who actually is allowed to hold your coin by using white and blacklists. Of course, an issuer can opt-out of his privileges indefinitely for the sake of trust and reputation.

As the owner of that coin, you don’t need to take care of all the technical details of blockchain technology, such as distributed consensus algorithms, blockchain development, or integration. You don’t even need to run any mining equipment or servers, at all.

% name% roadmap

  • 1st February, 2021 (Released)

  • Bitcoin Music Testnet
    Testnet is able to handle high speed transactions, create Smart Record Contracts, create Smart Assets and exchange them against virtual PolkaBTC.
  • 13th February, 2021 (Released)

  • Whitepaper & Network Performance Test
    The whitepaper & performance reports can be accessed over here.
  • In Progress

  • $BTCM Private Sale
    50% of the 21M supply is being sold to private investors in various price tiers and vesting schedules on First Come First Serve basis. Click here to get whitelisted.
  • Launched

  • Mainnet Launch With Governance
    Bitcoin Music mainnet will be launched with block producers being voted in by $BTCM holders.
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  • April 20th – 2021

  • Digital Collectibles
    Asset creation engine will be open to the public using which anybody can create their own cryptocurrency within 2 min, without any permission, by burning 10 xUSD.
  • April 25th -2021

  • Proof-Of-Tweet
    Bitcoin Music will be integrated with Twitter and fans can earn collectibles for free by tweeting about their favorite artist under a particular hashtag or mention.
  • April 30th – 2021

  • Marketplace
    User will be able to trade collectibles against bitcoin and other assets on the internal decentralized marketplace.
  • May 20th – 2021

  • VR Clubs & Discord Integration
    The holders of Digital Collectibles can unlock artist’s private discord channel. The gamification features allow fans to unlock more channels with features such as voice chat and VR clubs by holding more quantities of the same collectible. Intuitive VR Club customizer and other tools will be made available to the creators.
  • May 30th – 2021

  • Bitcoin Music File System
    All the music files and images associated with a collectible are stored on decentralized BMFS storage.
  • Q1 – 2022

  • Polkadot Integration
    Bitcoin Music will be integrated with, enabling PolkaBTC to travel into the Bitcoin Music ecosystem, whereas Digital Collectibles will be available across other interoperating products on PolkaMusic & Polkadot.

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Shenoy Phalgun
Founder / Architect
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Enka Shu
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John Fortner
Lead Developer
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Peter Conrad
Protocol Developer
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Charles Netshivhera
dApp Development
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John K. Arimi
dApp Development
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Shahayar Kirmani
Full-Stack Developer
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Zhang Xiqian
Blockchain Engineer
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Bill Craig
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Mounica Durga
Project Consultant
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