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Bishu Finance is a DeFi token that serves as the epicenter for a universe of financial protocols.
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I'm BishuFi, a cryptoverse explorer. I come from a planet near the star known to you as Muliphein, or Gamma Canis Majors, which forms part of the Sirius constellation. It's known by your species as the Dog Star. I've traveled 402.17 light years through space. I started my trip from my planet in order to help every inhabitant of the whole universe. At first I didn't notice the earth, but technical issues with my space rocket caused me to land here.

I need your help to repair my rocket and launch it again into space to achieve my destiny. In return for your kindness, I bestow upon you special gifts. My people and I are born with a special power, also known as our Artifact of Influence, it's our very essence of being. We have embedded it within a cryptographic code. It also goes by the name of «token». I have forged 1,000,000,000,000 of these and imbued them with my power. I call them: $BishuFi - Bishu Finance.

These magic tokens I will share with you, will grant you great knowledge, wealth and insurmountable power. However, their true power can be harnessed only by the intention and effort to do good - which is the origination point of my essence and my reason for existing. Join me in my mission to restore balance to the universe.

Every purchase of $BishuFi, helps to rebuild my spacecraft and return me to my galaxy. But you will also be able to help other life forms, as part of all BishuFi purchases will be donated to charities. I help you, you help me and we change the fate of the universe.

Return me to my place beyond the stars and I will take you to heights you've never imagined achievable.


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