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Confidential ecosystem of barter trading on blockchain with digital legal smart-contract
27 mai 2019
31 août 2019
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ERC-721 is used as a tokenized real a valuable asset, such as a yacht.

ERC-20 is a liquid stable token.

With these two tokens in the same ecosystem, we can make transactions of any value safely and instantly. This ecosystem is technically called Plapps.

The transaction is carried out within payment channel on smart contract system:

Alice buys a yacht from Bob at Barter: smartplace;

With mutual agreement between Bob and Alice, their assets not used in financial transactions, as this requires the creation of additional addresses (adress20 for Bob, and for Alice adress721) so they can exchange assets.  At the conclusion of a barter agreement, the legal rights to the asset are transferred, that is, the identification data of the owners of the assets in the registers are changed. 

Transferring ownership of an asset is much easier and several times easier for blockchain. In addition, this type of exchange does not burden the financial system.


To begin, we indicate the shortcomings of existing over-the-counter platforms.

Traditional OTC-desks operate in analog mode or via connection to centralized exchanges to have access to high liquidity. With this method of trading, the personal data of participants become public to a wide range of people, which is already unsafe. Although companies in accordance with the privacy policy collect such data, there are cases of employees using such data for personal gain. These factors undermine trust and reduce the demand for over-the-counter trading by those who wish to remain confidential.

Another important drawback of the existing OTC trading procedure is that centralized exchanges offer to first Fund their company's account in order to be able to buy the requested asset. Many buyers are afraid to do this, as there are high risks of blocking the transaction by the Bank, as well as a small degree of confidence in the exchange itself. It turns out that today there are no ways to protect the confidential data of participants in the largest transactions, and even more over-the-counter platform on the blockchain. Blockchains are known to be transparent, thereby increasing the confidence, but when we are talking about major transactions – the data require a high degree of confidentiality.

Barter: smartplace offers cryptographically encrypt sensitive data of the participants of the transaction to provide them with maximum protection, using the privacy protocols of the blockchain. This data will be encrypted and therefore cannot be accessed by others. A record in the blockchain confirms the authenticity of personal data.

To trade using smartplace, you do not need to replenish a separate account of the company, it is enough to have funds on your personal Bank account, if we talk about a transaction using Fiat funds. Via integration with banking institutions on the API, with the agreement of the buyer, the balance of the client at smartplace will be displayed in accordance with the balance in the Bank account, which is a proof of the existence of the object for the transaction. With this approach, the client will always be confident in the safety of their savings and he does not need to trust the company to replenish the account of the intermediary, and there is no time threshold in a few days for the transfer of funds and Bank transfer fee. To enter into barter transactions, you only need to have funds in your Bank account and agree to connect it to your smartplace account for subsequent transactions. When a transaction is completed the funds do not participate in the transactions, the smart contract replaces the data of one party to the personal data of another party based on signed agreements by both parties to the transaction.

For example, the parties entered into a barter agreement on the sale of real estate for Fiat money. With integration with the banking API and the register of real estate owners, it is possible to enter into barter transactions without participation in transactions, thus freeing the financial system from unnecessary transactions. When signing a barter agreement between the parties to the transaction, their personal data are swapped, that is, the Bank account now belongs to the seller of real estate, and the property – to the buyer. All this is performed on a smart contract system with the replacement of data on the owners of assets in the relevant registers based on the concluded legal contract.

This is just one of many examples of barter trades. Barter: smartplace is capable of becoming a leading platform for barter agreements, and potentially seeks to help banks remove transaction loads, which will also be beneficial to the entire global financial system.

Info technique

Smartplace – is a trading order platform in Barter ecosystem. An order that includes one or more items of uniform quality, sets is called a Lot. The lot can also include heterogeneous assets, for example, it is possible to place a car and real estate in one lot. Each order and lot is assigned a sequence number (ID) and a price is set. The value of the lot displays the total value of the assets included in it. 

Plasma Protocol by Ethereum - foundation of Barter platform design. Provides lightning transaction speed.

0x Extensions will provide support for a new type of trading - barter trades. Facilitates interaction between tokens standard ERC-721 and ERC-20.

Enigma Protocol ensures confidentiality of personal data of parties to transaction and other important computation.

% name% roadmap

  • Q1/2019

  • A minimum team has been formed to prepare for the seed stage of investment, presentation, writing of primary documentation about the product, development of marketing strategy.
  • Q2/2019

  • Attracting investments, expanding the team, developing a minimum viable product (MVP), updating and supplementing product documentation in several languages (White Paper, Token Economy, One Page, Presentation), minimum marketing on target sites.
  • Q3/2019

  • Launch of MVP, marketing, receiving feedback from potential users on the product, launch of crowdsale smart-contract, code audit, investor's office on the project website, preparation for the initial exchange offer (IEO).
  • Q4/2019

  • Development of the main product, enhanced marketing, initial exchange offer of the Barter platform token on the top cryptocurrency exchange to attract additional investments ($3 million).
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  • Q1/2020

  • Launch of the beta version of Barter: Smartplace and blockchain test-net token platform (payment system), new partners to expand the ecosystem, integration with banking institutions (API) and registers of owners of real and movable assets.
  • Q2/2019

  • Software code audit, testing of over-the-counter and barter transactions on Barter: Smartplace by strategic partners and banks, launch of the interbank Lightning payment system (beta), preparation for the launch of main-net platform, expansion of product line, integration of the platform into interbank operations at international level.


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Vérifié 100%

Dmitry Zhukov
Founder & CEO
Nika Berrington
SMM manager

BARTER Entretiens

Dmitry Zhukov
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
The author of the project and product ideas, the author of White Paper and tokenomic. To attract investors, negotiations with partners. Organization of team work, active participation in product promotion.
What do you think about idea?
Barter will reduce the transaction load on the financial system. A new market - a new kind of trade. Also, smartplace will be a great addition as confidential over-the-counter trading on existing exchanges and services.
Nika Berrington
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
SMM Manager, Community Manager, Content Manager.
I create content and use different marketing tools to promote the project
What do you think about idea?
BARTER – is a revolution at the market of exchanges. We make any exchanges easier, better, more secure and more transparent

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