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ASLAbet is the first cryptocurrency tote with a wide range of functions based on smart contracts. We present the ASLAbet, cryptocurrency tote based on betting against people, not against the company. Bets on popular matches and favorite teams, winning percentages are formed automatically depending on the size of the bet and the number of players. However, we always involve some unique features in our projects to secure the interests of our users. For this case, everyone will have the opportunity to create their own event, for which they will eventually receive a reward if it passes a vote among the community. With our platform, you would get your victory tokens and return your lost funds during the next day, thanks to the Aga coin ( for every 100RX you will get 1 Aga) Even if you lose your bet, when you freeze Aga coins, you will receive 35% of the profit from commissions. Also two-level referral systems in two lines are going to be as one of the features (rewards of the first line – 2%, the second-1%).
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1 avr. 2021
30 avr. 2021
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This is a functional decentralized environment for investment andprofit, built on the basis of blockchain and smart contracts, where the main currency is the ASLA token. When frozen, the ASLAtoken gives you daily dividends from the platform's turnover andwill be a priority for the ASLAgame token.

Our team of young IT professionals invites everyone to join theproject today.

Dividends? Of course, this is everyone’s target. Today our tokenhas low priority, but in the nearest future its value will risetwice or even more in price. There will be many plans in thefuture (keep in touch for more information). And one day our ASLAtoken will turn into a coin, which will be sold and bought allaround the world with eager. Our success is your income andinvestments. This is the time-tested slogan

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  • JANUARY 2020

  • ASLA coin
  • MARCH 2020

  • ASLAtrade
  • APRIL 2020

  • Aga coin
  • AUGUST 2020

  • ASLAmessenger
  • Lire la suite
  • SEPTEMBER 2020

  • ASLAbet

  • ASLAdice
  • JUNE- OCTOBER 2020

  • ASLAmessenger
  • APRIL 2021

  • ASLAforum

  • 10 ASLAgames
  • JUNE 2022

  • ASLAmessenger


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