Yearn Gold Finance

Yearn Gold Finance

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
YGF Is A Defi Project With A Difference, We Aim To Bring Fairness And Equality To All. The YGF Team Also Aim To Implement Further Developments Controlled By Governance (YOU). Which Will Benefit YGF Holders In The Not Too Distant Future.
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Apr 1, 2021
Apr 30, 2021
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About Yearn Gold Finance

YGF the staking rewards will be as follows;

YGF Staking Calculated on Daily fixed %

Up to 28 days = 0.5% meaning the daily interest for the first 28 days is calculated at a fixed 0.5% Daily.

29 days to infinity = 1% meaning that the rewards are calculated at 1% daily.

Maximum Stake YGF = 500 YGF per wallet
Minimum Stake YGF = 1 YGF

Staking fees
1st time staking will charge 10% so when you deposit YGF, 10% will be taken and sent to the YGF Rewards pool.
Unstaking before 28days will charge 20%
Unstaking before 56 days will charge 10%
Unstaking before 84 days will charge 5%
Unstaking after 84 days is 0%
All fees will be sent directly back to the rewards pool.

What can I earn from Staking YGF ?

In this example we will use 100 YGF

Stake 100 YGF, — 10% first time staking fee.
= 10YGF to Rewards pool, 90YGF into Staking pool.

90 YGF x 0.5% for 28 days = 12.6 YGF
withdraw before 28 days, — 20% of total sent to rewards pool. Meaning the total YGF returned would be 81.7 YGF, a loss of 18.3 YGF

90 YGF x 1% for total 56 days = 37.8 YGF
Withdraw before 56 days, — 10% of total sent to rewards pool. Meaning the total YGF returned would be 115 YGF, profit of 15 YGF

90 YGF x 1% for total 84 days = 63 YGF
Withdraw before 84 days, 5% of total sent to rewards pool. Meaning the total YGF returned would be 145 YGF, profit of 45 YGF

90 YGF x 1% for total 112 days = 88.2 YGF
Withdraw at 112 days, 0 % fee charged. Meaning the total returned would be 178.2 YGF

The Fully Operational & Audited Staking Platform is live and within 72 hours has over 20% of circulating supply locked.


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30 Days Growth:
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