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Yeager Inu is a community-driven ERC-20 token focused on creating a P2E NFT card game with unique mecha-based heros, Yeagers, and alien enemies, Nvaders. Our vision is to create a trustworthy project, (where everyone can enjoy a fun and enjoyable card game with limitless combinations and strategies) and create opportunities of wealth as a long-term investment.
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About Yeager Inu

Yeager Inu strives to bring together NFT artists, song writers, card enthusiasts, and investors to build our card game, INU-Arena. We will provide opportunities to collaborate with NFT artists and song writers to showcase their creations while earning a passive income. Yeager Inu also plans to create an NFT marketplace, YeagerMarket, to support our collection of unique and original artwork and playable pieces in YeagerArena.

We are supported by a four-developer team: lead, marketing, art and community. Our project is fully audited by TechRate and plans for an audit by Certik as per the roadmap. Yeager Inu plans to market through Telegram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, and other social media. We plan to have several key partnerships to support the development of NFTs, music and overall utility. As our holders continue to grow and Yeager Inu crosses certain market caps, we will provide holders a larger percentage reflections. Our team is also supported by experience cryptocurrency investors, developers, marketers, and enthusiasts.

YeagerArena revolves around a metaverse of mecha-based heros, Yeagers, defending earth against alien invaders, Nvaders. The timeline of our YeagerVerse starts in the year 3030, and Earth has been invaded. The Nvaders have limitless and evolving powers and have managed to overrun 80% of the Earth’s habitable areas and resources.

In response, a global program called Yeager Intergalactic Nvaders Unit (INU) has been established to prevent the Nvaders from decimating the entire planet. As part of this initiative, Lukas Yeager, a renowned engineer, has developed mecha suits to help the remaining human colonies survive the Nvaders’ apocalyptic offensive.

Yeager INU have established colonies globally. Each colony has customized and adopted their own Yeager values and skills. Using this premise, YeagerArena will have customizable decks based on Yeagers and Nvaders coupled with artifact cards. Our target market is people over the age of eight. An initial basic pack will be released as part of phase 2 and the next expansion pack will be in phase 3. YeagerArena is in the initial stages of design and has plans to develop a beta version to test game play and likeability.

Beyond phase 4, Yeager Inu has plans to expand utility to bring additional real world use cases to our token. Charity, although not specifically mentioned, will also be a driver of one of the many utilities. As we continue to build our token’s reputation and deliver against our roadmap, there will be many other developments to come.


30 Days Growth:
30 Days Growth:

8 619 457

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