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Xgold Coin offers an unlimited use case utility crypto-currency for distributed payment systems predicated on consensus algorithm embodied in the Ripple Protocol, bridging the gap between Bitcoins store-of-value, and XRPs incredibly light weight transaction speed, supporting value transfer, utilizing robust collectively trusted peer-to-peer servers and sub-networks at nearly zero network cost or carbon footprint.
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‘The train has left the station’ – It has become clear and undeniable that currency and commodities that once existed only in physical form or paper representations, will for the foreseeable future exist perpetually in a tokenized digital form across Distributed Ledger Technology, verifiably authentic and controlled exclusively by the private-key holder. Xgold Coin supporters believe that while XRP is more then capable of solving all the world’s payment problems, it takes a team of highly skilled people focused together on a particular problem that generally culminates the necessary relationships responsible for breaking boundaries and forging technological advancements. By plugging into the global network of gold vendors Xgold Coin seeks not only to solve the problem of value transfer from A to B and B to A, but also A to C, C to A, or any other receiving party. It is believed that one day Xgold Coin could represent a significant portion of the current 11.3 Trillion dollar Gold Market Capitalization – tokenized and distributed across the XRP Ledger (XRPL).


The Xgold Coin project does not offer any investment contracts, interest in any company, association, or enterprise. The distribution of Xgold Coin, decentralized nature of the XRPL, community development, or any use thereof is private, does not amount to investment of money, contract, scheme or transaction, in a common enterprise, with a reasonable expectation of profits. Though the perceived value of Xgold Coin may vary from time to time, and may increase over time, Users shall not have any expectation of profits derived from the efforts of others. There has not been, and never will be an initial coin offering (ICO). The Xgold Coin project does not meet the definition of investment contract under the Howey test of 1946, and therefor is not a Security protected under the Securities and Exchange Commission consumer protection. Users should not buy, sell, or trade their asset value into Xgold Coin if they wish to invest in Securities, Common Enterprise, or Investment Contracts. For Securities investments, seek a competent Securities Broker.


User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless all others, users, founders, issuers, developers, marketers, contributors, sponsors, associations, companies, employees, agents, owners, holders, trusts, grantors, trustees, beneficiaries, successors, traders, wallets, funds, exchanges, against any loss or damage, value, profit, capital, investment, attorney fees, financial or otherwise, in connection with trustlines, acquiring, use, transacting, send, receive, or dispose of Xgold Coin. Users use of trustlines and Xgold Coin is expressly at their own risk, and stipulates a private trade of equal value for private personal use.


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