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Mar 18, 2022

The Wrapped BSC GRECAS (WBGCS) project - is a community-driven DeFi token programmed to reward holders with a seamless yield and liquidity generation protocol.
With a regular monthly burn 1,000,000,000,000 (trillion) tokens from the original supply pool will be constantly destroyed. Burning a token is strategic anti-inflationary a measure that guarantees the value of the coin will not become drowned out by its supplies.
Mar 18, 2022
Dec 30, 2022
24% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Goal 2 600 000.00 USD
Cap 1 300 000.00 USD
  • 1 WBGCS
    0.0000000001 USD
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
1- PreSale: 1%
2- ICO: 14%
3- Ecosystem Community Engagement & Airdrop: 10%
4- Public Sale: 26%
5- R&D: 3%
6- Marketing: 10%
7- Ecosystem: 25%
7- Burning: 11%
Accepted Currencies
Min Contribution
Company Details
Registered Company Name
Grecas Platform
Registered Country
United Arab Emirates
Company Founded
Oct 11, 2021
Bonus Structure
We offer amazing rewards for supporting our holders,we are all one big and friendly family. Always 5.5% is redistributed to all token holders, 2% reward when making a transaction on the network and swap, this fully covers the commissions on the network.

Will be awarded in ICO:

Buy $ 6000: 2% bonus
Buy $ 13,000: 3% bonus
Buy $ 21,000: 4% bonus
Buy over $ 57,000: 5% bonus
Buy over $ 113,000: 9% bonus
Additional Details
Binance Smart Chain

About Wrapped BSC GRECAS

WBGCS token, founded and managed by the community.
guaranteeing full and absolute transparency at every stage.
We value our holders and our loyal user base just as much as we value our family.
Security - Transparency - Evolution = our three core principles you can rely on.
The WBGCS project aims to unlock the liquidity of smart assets through a comprehensive decentralized ecosystem, secure enhancement of existing tokens, and take a DeFi approach. As mentioned above, transparency is critical, which is why the WBGCS has developed a state-of-the-art
transaction log where you can see every transaction as it happens in real time. We are leading our holders into the future, so book your tickets and enjoy the ride.


Airdrop II has already been launched, we are happy to accept everyone who is ready to subscribe to our social networks and collect their tokens, there is no competition, absolutely everyone who joins our friendly family will be generously rewarded with gifts from the GRECAS Platform totaling more than $75,000,000 USA. In our networks you will also find a link to the pre-sale of the token.
We are also open to talented professionals who can contribute to the project through their participation in our team, for these purposes of cooperation we provide a Bounty program.
If you are a professional in your field, feel free to write to us in direct with a request for a role in the team.
Marketers, social network administrators, developers of AI, gaming platforms and various applications, IT products, video content, public figures and many other roles...
Community participation in the ecosystem is a high priority for us, and the reward is in excess of $800,000,000 based on the token price at the time of the initial offer.
Those who are with us in the team participate in our eco system, bring their best ideas to the project, keep staked tokens with regular rewards, do not know the need for anything, because a large and friendly family is a huge strength and prosperity for a long time.

Technical Info

WBGCS rooting the BEP20 coin with BSC with an initial fixed volume of 10 septillion tokens.
This supply will never increase, it will only decrease. January 2022 burns 1 trillion tokens monthly.
The liquidity of the token is provided by a 10% tax on each sale, where 5% of the total amount is divided, the rate will go to the blocked liquidity pool, in 2022 another + 0.5% of the new token on the amount of the WBGCS exchange on each Swap, with the remaining 5 % of the sold token will be distributed proportionally between users' wallets. 3% of the token has been allocated to the development team, resulting in 97% of all WBGCS assets to be entirely community-based. This code is hard-coded and immutable in the anatomy of the WBGCS, providing responsibility for the design and construction of a fully mat-proof WBGCS.
Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a blockchain network parallel to Binance Chain. BSC demonstrates smart contract compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), while Binance Chain does not support these types of contracts.
Binance Smart Chain facilitates acquisition and static
growing WBGCS in Ethereum-based wallets such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet. The biggest benefit of listing a token on the Binance Smart Chain network is the reduction in fees and taxes that a user has to pay when exchanging, since Ethereum gas fees are consistently high.
PancakeSwap is another unique feature of Binance Smart Chain as users can instantly swap their altcoins or other BEP20 coins for WBGCS. Users even have the ability to exchange BNB, ETH (BEP20) for WBGCS, furthering the mainstream adoption of our token.

Wrapped BSC GRECAS Roadmap

  • 2021 - Stealth Launch

  • The token was strategically launched without make a big marketing push by letting the community form around the coin before big buyers and whales can get in and out of the fast dollar
  • 2022 - Q1 Getting Started

  • Once the community was identified and strengthened, the development team launched a marketing campaign and media coverage, raising awareness of our amazing community
  • 2022 - Q2 Building a Core Team

  • The team is rapidly expanding to meet the huge demand created by the WBGCS. This includes opening our arms to more programmers, marketing professionals, graphic sciences, graphic design, social media and/or marketing
  • 2022 - Q3 Community

  • It's estimated that the health of the community is on the rise, making us a very dynamic and vibrant community, but there are still people with papers who will need to sell or bet
  • Read More
  • 2022 - Q4 Product development

  • GRECAS is currently working on several series of NFTs and a new application to implement the NFT platform on its own DEX site
  • 2023 - Q1 Growing Influence

  • GRECAS' marketing and graphic design teams are constantly gearing up for another massive marketing push, aiming to expand the user base at a huge profit
  • 2023 - Q2 Partnerships

  • In addition to listing on PancakeSwap and Uniswap, we are working day and night on some more HUGE exchange deals that will bring real decentralization to the project and strengthen our family as new members of society
  • 2023 - Q3 New opportunities

  • Launch of full-fledged staking on our own blockchain, integration and expansion of opportunities for WBGCS participation in the most functional positions of the GRECAS platform Expansion of the project and the addition of a roadmap following the results of the 24-month schedule


30 Days Growth:
4 292
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Year commits:
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Wrapped BSC GRECAS Team

Verified 17%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Project Leader/ Co-Founder
Project Manager
Qtum Developer
Full-stack Developer
Marketing Manager

Wrapped BSC GRECAS Interviews

As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
My role is to generate the idea itself, the first impulse that causes the desire to create a product in demand.
General management, expansion and mood of the team.
What do you think about idea?
We are satisfied with the DeFi product created.
Large circulation and low price - makes it widely available.
WBGCS is just a small stepping stone of our huge ecosystem, this token carries a protective mechanism against rising global inflation, a high-tech self-generated static farming code and a protective liquidity algorithm, which makes it possible to call this type of growing super green, without the cost of electricity and other fuels .
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