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Created using Figma
A social satire coin based on a fictional technology to raise money for psychedelic research in Canada.
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About WokeCoin

Uncertain times call for uncommon approaches to complex problems. One of the most substantial issues faced as a species is an inability to meet a level of lifestyle which is marketed to us by corporations, media, and celebrities. Most people in the world are constantly bombarded with things that they do not need. Whether it is a plastic straw that is used only once or an expensive car that is running on fuel from ancient organic matter, there is an overabundance of stuff.

As we look into the future and try to understand what our future holds, it can be an overwhelming experience. Nuclear war, destruction of our environment and fellow life forms, or trying to fathom what traffic will be like in 10 years. We drown out or worries with vices. Our mental chatter is constant. We can always find something that worries us.

But don’t be bummed out! The team here at WokeCoin is aware of all of these problems that we are faced with and have come up with a solution to everything! Welcome to WokeCoin.


The WokeCoin project has to be the most ambitious and revolutionary project put out on our planet thus far. After hours of research and years of dreaming, literally being asleep, the team here at WokeCoin is beyond confident with all aspects of the project. The features listed below have all been strategically crafted to bring balance to our planet.

Our revolutionary mining technology known as the Halo device rewards Wokespersons with crypto-currency for mining their mental energy. Incentivizing meditation with a financial lure will lead to a more mindful population and thus advance our species. Following in the footsteps of Apple, the Halo device will need to be constantly update with software until it can no longer support the newest version and it needs to be discarded. On average you will need to replace your Halo device every 6 months. It is recyclable.

Support your Wokesperson community through sharing WakingCoin and promoting Wokeness. Woke is a word that has multiple definitions, from spreading awareness of police brutality towards minorities, drinking kombucha or being spiritual, everyone has heard the word and may be growing tired of it (as I am) but alas, it isn’t going anywhere. Don’t let your friends become sheep.

With WokeCoin you may only purchase organic vegetables, hemp t-shirts and incense. These are the essentials of survival in regards being Woke. If you don’t smell like you just left a drum circle, have organic kale in your teeth or announce to the world the benefits of hemp/ marijuana then, its actually fine. Move along.




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