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WinWinWin Official

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The WinWinWin project harnesses the power of Blockchain technology and NFTs. The team consists of industry insiders, a world class crypto-economist and veteran developers. They promise to modernize the $1.25 billion per year sacred amulet marketplace and make it available to a global audience
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What is WWIN (WWIN)? WWIN has created a new type of NFT called a Sacred NFT (SNFT), the world’s first SNFT marketplace (the WWIN SNFT Marketplace), and the WWIN token, to modernize the $1.25 BN annual traditional Thai sacred amulet market which is robust, but filled with fraud and price disputes between buyers and seller. The company’s long term goal is to revolutionize worldwide markets for sacred amulets and religious items.   WWIN is the native token that is used to: Pay fees for purchasing WWIN SNFTs Pay fees for setting up shops in the WWIN marketplace to resell SNFTs Pay fees for putting SNFT up for resell Pay fees for putting SNFTs up for auction in Auction House Pay fees for giving charity donations. Purchase skins in the SNFT gallery  Provide VIP status when participating in our promotional activities.

The WWIN Ecosystem Includes: WWIN SNFTs - A new type of NFT called a sacred NFT (SNFT), that is a virtual version of traditional Thai sacred amulets that 7 of 10 Thais wear daily. Each SNFT is blessed by a reputable Thai monk in an elaborate televised ceremony. WWIN creates 2 types of SNFTs for sale on the WWIN marketplace: WWIN Omm SNFTS (“Praying” in Sansakrit) Omm SNFTs have identical physical representations of the amulets placed at a temple in Thailand that will be constantly worshiped and prayed for by monks.

WWIN Pow SNFTs (“Miracle” in Thai) WWIN Pow SNFTs have a wider variety of designs because they do not have to simulate a real world object. Their designs incorporate motion and other special effects.

All WWIN SNFTs contain a complete trade history, a text of the corresponding chanting script, and a video of blessing ceremony. The WWIN SNFT Marketplace - The world’s first SNFT marketplace powered by the security and transparency of blockchain tech. It is feature rich with an intuitive user interface. Following are a few key features. Purchase SNFTs issued by WWIN Mint SNFTs Auction House Donation Feature Gallery Promotions and Contests Yield Farming The WWIN token completes their ecosystem providing users the means to purchase these valuable and collectable religious keepsakes, and gain additional benefits when they do. How Many WWIN Coins Are There in Circulation?

At the time of writing, there are 32m WWIN tokens in circulation. A total of 100m WWIN tokens were created at genesis. No more WWIN token will ever be minted. Since September 6th, 2021, 28m tokens have been burned. 15m tokens, given to Private sales, and 25m tokens, given to marketing, team, and advisors, are locked for 2 months and 6 months, respectively after September 6th, 2021.

Who Are the Founders of WWIN Project? WWIN is a group of seasoned crypto and marketing experts, Thai celebrities and sacred amulet market insiders.

The WWIN Thai team is a top crypto group in Thailand with over a dozen successful token launches. WWIN consultant Edward DeLeon Hickman, founder of, has contributed to 18 of the top 20 ICOs and advises governments on crypto. WWIN advisor Dr. Katha Chinabunchorn is a multi-award winning member of the Thai spiritual community, and an icon in the Thai sacred amulet industry. He oversees issuances of WWIN SNFTs. Thai actor and singing superstar Peter Corp Dyrendal is the celebrity spokesperson. He is a well-respected icon in Thailand. The WWIN international consultant team has participated in over 200 successful crypto releases and has a business development expert who has worked with Hollywood’s top stars and consulted for companies including Apple Computer.

Where Can I Buy WWIN Tokens (WWIN)? WWIN token can be purchased on PancakeSwap and Moonmaker Protocol DEX. Holders can also stake their tokens and earn additional yield on Tuk Tuk Finance, which is powered by Thailand’s largest cryptocurrency exchange


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