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The WINk platform will be redesigned to include advertising options using a Cost per Milli or per banner/time basis. Advertisers will have the opportunity to tap into the greatest platform across all blockchains with over 40,000 weekly users and expanding. All revenue from advertising will be shown transparently to all users and redistributed to all WIN hodlers.
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  • TRXMarket
    WIN/TRX 2 minutes ago
    $ 0.0003
    $ 71.16 K
  • KuCoin
    WIN/USDT 24 minutes ago
    $ 0.0003
    $ 51.837 M
  • KuCoin
    WIN/BTC 25 minutes ago
    $ 0.0003
    $ 20.874 K
  • Binance
    WIN/USDC 43 minutes ago
    $ 0
  • Binance
    WIN/BNB 43 minutes ago
    $ 0.0003
    $ 367.377 K
  • Binance
    WIN/BTC 44 minutes ago
    $ 0.0003
    $ 71.034 K
  • Binance
    WIN/USDT 50 minutes ago
    $ 0.0003
    $ 1.637 M
  • TronTrade
    WIN/TRX one hour ago
    $ 0.0003
    $ 111.917 K
  • TRXMarket
    WIN/USDT 5 hours ago
    $ 0.0003
    $ 3.35
  • ZG.TOP
    WIN/USDT 23 hours ago
    $ 0.0006
    $ 138.78
  • Dcoin
    WIN/USDT 18 days ago
    $ 0.0004
    $ 231.303 K
Token Sale
Jul 30, 2019
Jul 31, 2019
100% completed
$10 000 000
62% goal completed
Goal 16 000 000.00 USD
  • 1 WIN
    0.00012 USD
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Yes ,

About Wink

Drawing comparisons to the meteoric rise of the modern web, blockchain technology has
shown signs of tremendous growth potential and transformative power. Just as the
internet needed Web 2.0 to engage users with more social, usable, and interoperable
functionality, blockchain technology’s path to mass adoption hinges upon creating a
seamless user experience. While the industry is still young and the potential of
decentralized applications remains largely untapped, the WINk is positioned to spark
Web 3.0 on the TRON network with its revolutionary DApp experiences.
With its emphasis on high throughput and low transaction costs, the TRON protocol will
allow WINk to facilitate widespread adoption of blockchain technology through consumer
use cases. WINk’s potential to reach this lofty goal has been put on display through its
previous incarnation, TRONbet.

TRONbet was the first DApp ever launched on TRON and has become the leading
application in terms of both user numbers and transaction volume across all major
blockchains. Despite numerous competitors entering the market, TRONbet has remained
on the cutting edge of blockchain gaming because of its superior product and commitment
to the community.

The gaming platform started out with only one title, but now boasts the largest library of
games on the blockchain. Social features, live operations, and events have only added to
the user experience. The platform also aims to give back to the community through events
such as the Binance Charity Poker Tournament. As TRONbet enters the next phase of its
platform strategy, this commitment to excellence and community will remain the
cornerstone of TRONBet’s growth .

In anticipation of TRONbet’s sustained growth, and a strategic investment from the
TRON Arcade fund, the team has decided to officially rebrand TRONbet as WINk
( WINk will be blockchain’s premier gaming platform for users to play, socialize,
and stake across multiple blockchain ecosystems.


30 Days Growth:
9 770
30 Days Growth:
$ 0.0003
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Monthly, %:
Market Info
Market Cap:
$ 57.732 M
Volume 24h:
$ 52.848 M
Circ. Supply:
169.83 B WIN
ICO profit
X 2.83
ICO Price~$0.0001

Wink Reviews

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In conclusion, Picolo Research presents an ‘Avoid’ and 2.5 stars rating on WINk. Despite having a live platform, the project does not offer a significant differentiating factor against its competitors. Numerous information and data regarding the project have also been kept private with several segments of the whitepaper incomplete, of which appears to be released in a rushed manner.
Overall, for the reasons listed, Picolo highlights several reasons that affirm our rating:
• Low barrier of entry with little differentiation factor allows traditional competitors to enter the market easily
• No public information on the team, with the exception of short-form names provided by Binance Research
• Limited information on prior round investors coupled with inadequate gaming partners
• Highest valuation ($120m) project as compared to previous launchpad listings
Not withstanding the above, Picolo acknowledges several strengths of WINk. The platform is currently ranked 1st among gambling dApps, boasting an existing user base with real-use case and adoption. The project will be able to utilize TRON relationships, communities and partners to provide multiple channels for network growth. Furthermore, the project has been vetted by Binance, which adds to its credibility.
Overall, in light of the preceding, Picolo Research affirms an ‘Avoid’ rating on WINk in the long-term, as we believe there are several risks associated with the project.
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ICO Drops
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