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Wings is a cross blockchain Decentralized Autonomous Organizations management platform that allows easy DAO setup, participation or administration.
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Nov 18, 2016
Jan 6, 2016
100% completed
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Nov 17, 2016
Jan 5, 2017
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About Wings

WINGS is a multi-blockchain, smart contract based platform for the easy creation, participation and management of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) using forecast markets and chatbots.     QQ GROUP: 198960556 Summary of Campaign Starts October 30th at WINGS Supply

Total Supply: 100,000,000 WINGS

Foundation, team, bounty, advisors, and referral supply: 25,000,000

Contribution campaign allocation: 75,000,000

Allocation For Cryptocurrencies Accepted Directly


Campaign Bonuses


Visionary Bonus:

+10% for 1st 10,000 BTC

Time based bonus

WINGS Goals & Milestones

For more details read the blog:

WINGS Features & Capabilities

Cutting Edge Capabilities

With features such as support of popular blockchains (starting with Bitcoin via RSK, followed by Ethereum), implementation of AI-augmented assistance on top of popular instant messengers, automatic and social purchase actions and more, WINGS aims to create the most accessible and mass-market oriented DAO platform available.

Start-ups, entrepreneurs, and established companies will be able to easily launch new DAO proposals, while the platform token owners will be able to review these proposals, forecast on their success, participate in promising projects, and increase their involvement in the decision-making process of supported DAOs.

Conversational UX

Chatbots technology provides a universal way to communicate based on natural language. Following on the success of the Telegram chatbot API, major companies including Facebook and Microsoft have started working on their own solutions. Chatbots will be the Wings interaction of choice, augmenting the standard UI and enabling DAO interaction through natural conversation.

The Wings platform will integrate these solutions, allowing users to manage and control their DAO through common instant messengers, and increasing member involvement in their DAO.

The DAO ‘Inception’

Being a DAO, WINGS itself will be controlled by its WINGS members. Proud owners of WINGS can contribute forecasts to receive yields (in form of the new DAO tokens) from future DAOs running on the Wings platform, thus automatically participating, in any new DAOs launched. In other words, if you own WINGS tokens and forecast (or delegate your forecasting power), you may automatically gain tokens in all new DAOs launched on top of the platform.

Forecasts may be cast in regards to WINGS management or to show support for new proposals.

No Coding Necessary

Simplicity is everything! WINGS platform provides a User Experience that is intuitive, without requiring knowledge of EVM coding languages such as Solidity or Serpent. Thanks to Wings, anyone with a smartphone can participate and manage DAOs.

Launching new DAO proposals will require no coding whatsoever, using a simple step-by-step wizard. Following the launch, DAO creators will be able to submit new proposals and review votes and feedback anywhere and anytime from the convenience of their favorite IM apps.

Automatic Participation

Never miss out!

Platform members will be able to deposit their funds to Smart Contract controlled wallets and set their purchase preferences; the Smart Contracts will be doing the rest of the work, automatically spreading the funds across DAOs according to your settings.

Decentralized KYC and Voting

Companies and individuals looking to launch new DAO proposals can reveal their details and may pass through a decentralized Know Your Customer (KYC) process and community forecasting, before getting their proposal launched. This will reduce the amount of fraud and improve the noise to ratio, enabling the community to focus on truly innovative and life-changing projects.

Reputation System

WINGS will have a reputation system based on forecast rating, enabling to rank DAO forecasters for their performance. The higher a WINGS members forecast rating and hence reputation, the greater the awards.

Cooperative participation

Follow the successful! Through the use of an automatic participation and reputation system, WINGS members can find successful forecast makers and may choose to “follow” them and delegate their WINGS power.

Legal Framework and Counsels Pool

WINGS will provide a full legal framework toolkit that will help companies and entrepreneurs to understand the legal boundaries and protect themselves from regulatory issues. A legal counsel pool will be in place providing licensed, competent and experienced legal advisory.

Committed proposals

WINGS will launch with a line-up of committed A-grade projects, enabling early adopters to take advantage of participating in the WINGS DAO Inception. The projects will be launched by known start-up scene and the crypto members behind it, showcasing their trust of the WINGS DAO platform.

DAO Owners

Owners of DAO tokens the Wings platform have the chance to:
• Receive a portion of tokens from future campaigns.
• Forecast success for any new DAO submitted to the WINGS platform.
• Participate in DAO proposals via WINGS web and IM apps.
• Rate, get rated and placed in the Wings reputation system.
• Save time and opportunities using the automatic participation feature.
• Follow community leaders with the cooperative participation model.
• Become a community leader and earn tokens from every purchase that follow you

DAO Makers

The WINGS platform offers the ability to:
• Set up and manage a DAO with no special knowledge (no code to write!)
• Use the WINGS for launching, managing and communicating with supporters
• Secure stored DAO funds
• Gain competitive advantage with WINGS’ legal framework and tap into the pre-selected legal counsel network
• Use the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Rootstock (EVM for Bitcoin)
• Get swarm intelligence based forecasts and feedback from WINGS DAO


Stas Oskin
BizDev and Core Dev

Has over 10 years of extensive experience in engineering, development and management of software, cloud, healthcare, crypto-currency, social products and services. Stas is an entrepreneur, Crypto enthusiast, and a Life hacker

Boris Povod
Blockchain Developer

Boris is a blockchain developer, with plenty of years of experience in the field. In the past, Boris was a co-founder in the Crypti initiative and has served as its leading developer. He is also an advisor for LISK. Boris is a sworn fan a Game of Thrones, however lacks the time to actually watch it

Sebastian Stupurac
Project & Product

Entrepreneur, Visionary, Husband. A big believer in Crypto and blockchain technologies in which he has been involved since 2013, Sebastian has vast experience in Information Systems, people & product management and customer support. Sebastian has a BA in Information Systems

Pavel Nekrasov
Senior Developer

Experienced developer with a focus on Internet of Things devices, high profile projects, and blockchain development. Pavel was on of the Crypti core developers and holds a graduate degree in Finance

Nikolay Taymanov
Community Manager East Europe

Nikolay is an crypto-entrepreneur and trader who focuses on the Blockchain 2.0 projects. Nikolay has worked in the gambling industry and has been the head of the advertising department at a Russian online gaming website. In 2015, Nikolay decided to leave his job and start spending full time studying and pursuying the blockchain opportunities. He has a Master of Science diploma from the Moscow State Aviation Technological University. Nikolay loves motorcycles and playing chess

Dominik Zynis
Marketing & Communications

Dominik is passionate about creating a sustainable world economy for all, and believes that p2p networks and blockchain technologies are vital to achieve this. Dominik formerly worked at Omni Protocol, Siemens/eMeter, Oracle, and State, the company that promoted JSON. He enjoys long hikes on cliffs and long distance running. He as a BA in Economics from Middlebury and almost completed a MSc Industrial Management from Blekinge Tekniska Högskola.  

Serguei Popov
Scientific Advisor

Serguei is a Brazilian mathematician of Russian origin. He got his Ph.D. from the Moscow State University in 1997, after which he moved to Brazil where he works in the field of Stochastic Processes. Serguei is a Crypto enthusiast for several years, and he fancies mathematical challenges and complex algorithms

Alex Sazonov
Senior Developer

Developer with over 10 years of experience of software development, including 6 years of experience in the banking sector. Interested in machine learning, big data and blockchain technology. Alex has a bachelor’s degree in Information systems.

Lior Zysman
Legal Advisor

Lior is a corporate lawyer advising startups and investors on crowdfunding and digital currencies, and working on decentralized autonomous non profits (Runner-up at Consensus 2016 Hackathon with a Charity DAO). Lior holds Bachelor of Law and B.A. in business administration, from Tel Aviv university.

Nimrod Back
Campaign Advisor

Nimrod is an inventor, app developer and crowd-funding rock-star. His first creation, Pressy, was a breakthrough success and consider to be one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever. Since then Nimrod also invented and successfully funded Boogie Dice and helped many other projects hit their goal.

Eric Gu
Marketing Advisor

Organizer of the Bitcoin Shanghai Meetup, Eric is a seasoned IT professional that started out as a programmer and acquired along the journey the abilities to better manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate through tough challenges.

Matt Elias
Strategic Advisor

A legal and subject matter expert in Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and decentralized technologies. In 2011, wrote about the legal considerations of pseudonymous Bitcoin/e-cash. I advise and consult with entrepreneurs, technologists, and policy makers at Nomos Labs LLC., formerly; Counterparty, Mastercoin/Omni Protocol, FCC (Federal Communication Commission).



Q: How Wings compares to ‘The DAO’ (Dao Hub) initiative?
A: While we are certainly inspired by The DAO, there are major differences that make Wings a truly unique DAO initiative:

  • New DAOs launched on Wings by entrepreneurs and companies will have their own unique DAO tokens, with the community deciding how much to support the projects.
    The DAO is limited to the (respectable) sum collected, and each new proposal has to be budgeted out of this fixed sum.
  • A portion of all unique tokens issued by new DAOs launched on Wings, will be distributed to Wings DAO members. These tokens will EVM based, enjoying same transfer and Smart Contract capabilities as other custom EVM tokens.
    The DAO proposals will not issue new tokens unless their creators elect doing so, thus limiting the flexibility of these proposals.
  • Wings is multi-blockchain and will support any major Smart Contacts technology,  meaning the DAO creators will be able to sell tokens both for BTC and Ethereum, extending their options and protecting against price volatility of a single cryptocurrency.
    The DAO is limited to Ethereum currency only, which still less stable market-cap and price-wise compared to Bitcoin.
  • Wings will provide a legal and regulatory toolkit to companies and individuals looking to launch a DAO project on top of the platform, including access to a network of legal counsel, experienced with cryptocurrency projects, thus granting legal compliance.
    The DAO will only provide financial resource for the project, while leaving the DAO creator to handle the legal and regulatory matters by him/herself.
  • Wings puts the emphasis on a simple and fluent User Experience that enables an easy creation and participation in new projects without the need to learn a new language or manually code the DAO Smart Contracts.
    The DAO at this stage still requires complicated usage of Mist wallet in order to both create and vote on new DAO proposals.

Q: Who will be using Wings?
A: The goal of Wings is to make DAOs and smart contracts accessible to anyone who has ever used an Instant Messenger or a chat-room. Whether you are looking to support a promising DAOs or interested in creating a DAO proposal, Wings is the place to do it.

Q: Will Wings be decentralized?
A: Yes, we aim to make Wings a fully decentralized platform. While it may start as a hybrid platform in order to shorten the time to market, decentralization will be the master goal for the platform.
Q: You mentioned Wing token owners automatically gain new tokens from DAOs running on top of the platform. Can you elaborate?
A: Each DAO has its own tokens, which are different from Wing Tokens. Whenever a new DAO is set up, a portion of the newly created tokens is automatically spread between Wing token holders, as ‘payment’ for the platform. Here is an example:
Platform member A owns 1% of all Wing tokens
After a successful campaign, a new DAO, Hexagon, has created 100,000,000 Hexa tokens. As a donation to the platform, part of the newly Hexa tokens are automatically spread between all Wing token owners, with member A receiving 1% of them.

Q: Will use of the platform be free?
A: Using the platform to browse, support and manage DAOs will be free. New DAO proposals will have to offer some of their new DAO tokens as a payment for using and launching on the Wings platform. These tokens will be divided between Wings Token holders in proportion to their Wing token holdings.
Q: Why would I use Wings to create a proposal?
A: Besides the multi-blockchain support of both Bitcoin/Rootstock and Ethereum, Wings focuses on the execution rather than the technicalities. A new DAO proposal is up for all to see and undergoes community review, leaving room for improvements and creating a healthy proposal. Additionally, the platform will allow for easy voting and proposal management, getting in contact with participating members and receiving professional legal consultation.

Q: Will Wings be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization?
A: Yes. Wings will be a DAO, under the control of the community.

Q: When will the Wings DAO start?
A: There will be an official announcement regarding the start of the Wings DAO. Please join our Telegram channel, RocketChat or subscribe to a newsletter in order to be notified once the Wings DAO starts.
Q: Can you provide details regarding the Wings DAO? (How many tokens will be sold, et cetera?)
A: We are currently finalizing the final details including the white-paper of the Wings DAO and will be posting them soon. Stay tuned!

Wings Press Releases

Bitmain invests in ChainLab, developers of Wings, to accelerate blockchain innovation

WINGS White Paper released: a cutting edge approach for selecting, backing and managing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) on Bitcoin and other blockchains

Wings Press Coverage & Syndication

2016-05-20 – CoinTelegraph: Bitcoin’s Biggest Miner Invests in Wings Development to Make DAO Mainstream

2016-05-26 – FinSMEs: Blockchain, ChainLab Receives Investment from Bitmain Technology

2016-05-26 StreetInsider: Bitmain invests in ChainLab, developers of Wings, to accelerate blockchain innovation,+developers+of+Wings,+to+accelerate+blockchain+innovation/11679658.html

2016-05-27 – EconoTimes: Blockchain startup ChainLab announces undisclosed seed investment from Bitmain

2016-05-27 – CryptoCoinNews: Bitcoin Mining Developer Bitmain Invests in Blockchain Startup ChainLab

2016-05-27 – AllCoinsNews: Bitmain Seed Investment in ChainLab’s Wings to Accelerate Blockchain Innovation

2016-06-16 – Steemit: Wings Platform — DAO Innovator–dao-innovator

2016-06-06 – Steemit: How ‘Wings’ DAO Aims to Solve The Biggest Obstacles Faced by ‘Decentralized Autonomous Organizations’

2016-06-06 –  Cryptorials: How ‘Wings’ DAO Aims to Solve The Biggest Obstacles Faced by ‘Decentralized Autonomous Organizations’

2016-06-07 – Forklog: Ex-Crypti Devs and Chainlab to Launch a Platform for Creation of DAO


2016-06-08 – Wings-跨链智能合约及DAO管理平台

2016-06-09 – LiveBitcoinNews: Meet Wings The DAO Creation Platform

2016-06-17 – Steemit: Altwars! Episode 3: The Wings DAO & The DAO.

2016-06-20 – Steemit: Smart Contract the Right Way with Wings DAO Platform

Wings Announcement Translations

– Запущена русскоязычная ветка Wings!

Wings 平台 – DAO独角兽的孵化基地,即将上线  – thanks Mandy1749

WINGS – Where DAO Unicorns Are Born – thanks coinmenace

Indian – Hindi
WINGS – Where DAO Unicorns Are Born – – thanks

WINGS – De Plek Waar DAO Unicorns Geboren Worden – – thanks twistelaar

WINGS – Wo DAO Einhörner geboren werden – – thanks mxnsch

WINGS – Unicorn DAO Lahir – – thanks hananl1styo

WINGS – Unde Sunt Nascuti Inorogii DAO – – thanks ltcrstrbrt

WINGS – DAO 가 창조되는 곳 – – thanks bitcoinuserz

WINGS – Là Où Naissent Les Licornes DAO – – thanks Jcga

WINGS – Dove nascono gli unicorni DAO – – thanks Pompobit

WINGS – أين DAO يونيكورن يولدون – – thanks recitestores

Ελληνικά (Greek)
WINGS – Where DAO Unicorns Are Born –
– thanks BitcoinExpert

Español (Spanish)
WINGS – Donde nacen los Unicornios DAO – – thanks bhokor

Português (Portuguese)
WINGS – Onde os Unicórnios DAO nascem – – thanks
kanoptx and thanks  leandroeel

WINGS – Där DAO enhörningar föds – – thanks 110110101

คนไทย (Thai)
WINGS — กำเนิดใหม่แห่ง DAO –…  – thanks Saknan

WINGS – Tu gdzie rodzą się DAO – – thanks mike77777

Hrvatski (Croatian)
WINGS – Gdje DAO jednorozi su rođeni – – thanks Psynthax

WINGS – DAO Космодром! – – thanks spandreev

WINGS – Kjer se rojevajo DAO Samorogi – – thanks Simple585


- Support of popular blockchains (starting with Ethereum and Bitcoin via Rootstock)
- Implementation of AI-augmented assistance on top of popular instant messengers, automatic and social purchase actions
- Easy process of launching new DAO proposals for companies and entrepreneurs
- Easy process of proposal review and participation in projects

Technical Info

Technical details:  In Wings for writing contracts, languages Solidity and Serpent are used. This allows Wings to maintain any blockchain supporting EVM (eg Ethereum, Rootstock, Counterparty). In the future, the developers plan to support different blockchains by pegs, as well as to ensure the absence of commissions for transaction (similar Steemit and IOTA). Initially, the platform will be launched on Rootstock.blockchain Within the framework of platform participants create applications for new projects, vote for or against the project, to make predictions about the success of a project. Each participant has a rating that reflects the quality of its forecasts. Wings DAO uses a liquid democracy model, i.e., members can delegate their prediction right (based on the number of tokens) to another participant. Wings will use one of the most popular systems of decentralized storage, such as IPFS (Interplanetary file system), Sia, Srotj or MaidSafe, to download and store information. To interact with the platform, clients are provided a Desktop, Web client, as well as chat bots for popular instant messengers. Wings tokens perform the following roles: - Miner compensation for transaction processing - Fuel for smart contracts - Anti-Spam Commission - The reward for accurate forecasts - Protection against Sybil-attacks The source code:  Wings’ code is not available. There is a site repository and some supporting instruments are not directly related to the project. Proof of developer:  Public team


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$2 271 237

Stas Oskin
BizDev and Core Dev


$2 271 237

Sebastian Stupurac
Project & Product


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team


$2 074 000

Serguei Popov
Scientific Advisor


$7 774 000

Lior Zysman
Legal Advisor
Nimrod Back
Campaign Advisor


$6 772 800

Eric Gu
Marketing Advisor
Matt Elias
Strategic Advisor


$2 124 000

Chandler Guo
Strategic Advisor
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Wings Reviews
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Wings is designed to solve a crucial problem in the blockchain world: many startups have great ideas, but struggle to get ideas off the ground. Wings lets you harness the power of the crowd to receive feedback on your project. It’s a platform that facilitates efficient collaboration and allows backers to work together to solve DAO-related problems.

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