Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The Power of Konnection. The first kNFT with 5 years growing liquidity. The first self-generating yield on NFT.
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About Winesis

Everything Transparent
1. Minting Period
900 unique kNFT and 100 special edition. We yeld 15% splitted in:

10% in 3 treasury jackpot wallet;

5% to help victims of alchool;
2. Selling Period
Minters can start the sales of NFT. There will be 13% of fee splitted in:

3% to marketing;
3.5% as liquidity for NFT;
3.5% as liquidity for real wine bottles;
1% in 3 treasury jackpot wallet (addedd to liquidities after the draw);
2% devolved to Alcoholics Anonymous;
3. Golden Period
Minters will receive the real bottle. 3 Lucky winners will be drawn to receive a gold card in bottle that contains the private key of the wallet. The private keys will unlock the 3 treasury described before. Each minter can potentially win 50,000$+trading fees per bottle.
4. Charity Period
We'll devolve the money to Alcoholics Anonymous

Our mission is developing a new way of giving value to NFT and physical objects
World's First KNFT Wine Bottle
900 unique and 100 special kNFT.
You'll receive a Real bottle of wine that connects an unlockable NFT & Smart Contract with a physical good.

Fees Are Important.
On every sell after minting: 3% to marketing, 3.5% as liquidity locked for bottle, 3.5% as guaranteed floor price locked for bottle, 1% in 3 treasury jackpot wallet, 2% to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Not Just An NFT
When all bottles will be minted and after selling period, 3 lucky winners will receive a gold card in bottle that contains the private key of the treasury.



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30 Days Growth:
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