White Sands Game

White Sands Game

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Luxurious master-planned developments connected to hundreds of unique digital experiences. Proudly built on NFT Worlds and the Ethereum blockchain.
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About White Sands Game

White Sands will be a broad metaverse ecosystem. Owners can look forward to multitudes of ways to customize their experience such as furniture, vehicles, pets and more. White Sands will also be connected to innovations build across thousands of NFTWorlds. We'll be designing our own unique experiences as well as connecting White Sands to innovations built across hundreds of NFT Worlds.

White Sands was passionately created on NFT Worlds - because the metaverse will never be just a single company maintaining closed experiences. White Sands is designed to be your home-base while allowing players to easily move and transport to thousands of other creations within the NFT Worlds ecosystem.

One of the other benefits of building White Sands on NFT Worlds is the ability to use $WRLD as the basis for a connected economy. Once inside White Sands, you'll be able to use $WRLD to access experiences, make purchases, trade with other players and more. $WRLD is a standardized token across NFT Worlds - so as you move from White Sands to other metaverse creations and back - your wallet will always travel with you.

White Sands Game Roadmap


  • Parcel Pass Sale
    Mint & sell 3,000 Parcel Pass NFTs
    Randomly assign land plots to NFT owners
    Grant access to the White Sands Metaverse
  • PHASE 2:

  • White Sands Islands Sale
    Mint & sell 250 Luxury Villa Deed NFTs*
    Randomly assign addresses to NFT owners
    WSI Villa Metaverse Reveal Party
    WSI Education Pass
  • PHASE 3: WS Furniture Launch

  • Unique furniture sets to customize your WS homes
    WS Furniture Reveal Party
    White Sands Islands Owner Airdrop - Furniture
    WS Furniture NFT Private/Public Sale
  • PHASE4: White Sands Vehicle Launch

  • Vehicles to explore WS and the surrounding metaverse
    WS Vehicles Reveal Party
    White Sands Islands Owner Airdrop - Vehicle
    WS Vehicle NFT Private/Public Sale
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  • PHASE 5: White Sands Pets Launch

  • Pets to keep you company acress WS
    WS Pets Reveal Party
    White Sands Islands Owner Airdrop - Pets
    WS Pets NFT Private/Public Sale
  • PHASE 6: Connection To A Broader Metaverse

  • White Sands created experiences
    Engaging games, contests & scavenger hunts
    Gateways to other NFT Worlds
    WS Storefronts - buy/sell with $WRLD


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