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Waykicoins(WIC) are the tokens consumed in WaykiChain operation. WaykiChain users can use WaykiChain applications and functions by consuming their Waykicoins.
Dec 25, 2017
Jan 31, 2018
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About Waykicoin

◆ Technology: WaykiChain has a mature and powerful technological team which has not only accumulated rich industrial and technological experiences in many sectors including finance, entertainment, IT, etc., but also achieved pioneering breakthroughs in R & D and application of the blockchain technologies.
◆ Business application: WaykiChain has fully incorporated the distributed network features characteristic of blockchain 3.0, so as to build a global decentralized application development platform that supports a variety of industries: no compulsory central control; autonomy of the subunit; highly interconnectivity among subunits; non-linear causal relationship formed by point-to-point influences through the
◆ Business governance: unlike common public blockchains, WaykiChain has a clear and accurate strategy towards target industries. Thanks to its characteristics of the blockchain technology, such as the distributed decentralization, irreversibility, encrypted security as well as the point-to-point value transfer, WaykiChain will professionally and persistently permeate into the target industries and gain market shares in a fast way.
◆ Funds management: in terms of funds management, WaykiChain will primarily focus on its development under the strict principles of fairness, justness and openness. WaykiChain Team will safeguard WaykiChain development funds in the specially established WaykiChain Funds, so as to guarantee the security and sustainability of the funds. In order to guarantee the openness of funds use, all funds allocation in WaykiChain projects will be disclosed to all investors on a regular basis.
◆ Development potential: every WaykiChain target industry is a trillion-level.
According to a conservative estimate, in 2017, the market of the sports bet industry reached USD 1.3 trillion. And the sports bet industry is just the first industry which will be subverted by WaykiChain!
◆ Sustainable development: by building up a perfect governance architecture,
WaykiChain Team has realized effective administration on common procedures, code management, financial management, salary management, privilege operation scope, etc., so as to guarantee the sustainable development of WaykiChain.


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