Wanchor Token

Wanchor Token

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Wanchor is a low tax (5%) Token on the Binance Smart Chain that is out to create a safe platform for Tokens to Find the creative services that they need.
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About Wanchor Token

Wanchor Token (WANC) works on an autonomous frictionless yield farming and liquidity generation protocol (low gas, faster blocks). WANC is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) deflationary BUSD reward token that strives to remediate volume challenges through the introduction of low tax on both buys and sells.

In addition to being a low tax token which encourages more frequent trading activity, WANC also has several significant real-world utilities which lay the foundation for the Wanchor Ecosystem to become a robust, scalable, and sustainable passive income platform that consistently rewards its holder for their loyalty over time.

  • From the 5% tax, all holders of WANC will earn 3% BUSD reflections from every buy and sell. The remaining 2% tax will be split evenly between Marketing and the Liquidity Pool to ensure consistent global exposure and ensure a stable price floor to reduce volatility.
  • Initial 180-day PancakeSwap liquidity lock guaranteed
  • Contract audit guaranteed
  • Core Team members will be doxed during regular AMAs

Wanchor Token Roadmap

  • Q1 2022: Start-up Phase

  • • Core Team established
    • Road Map developed
    • Contract minted
    • Social Media accounts created
  • Q2 2022: Launch Phase

  • • Website launched
    • Contract launched on PancakeSwap
    • Launch Social Media accounts
    • Aggressive marketing
    • Audit conducted
    • Regular doxed AMAs
    • Community events
  • Q3 2022: Growth Phase

  • • Launch high APY staking pools
  • Q4 2022: Utility Phase

  • • Launch our next generation pre-vetting engagement platform which matches Content Creators with Crypto Tokens to ensure safety, transparency, and the quality of delivery

Wanchor Token Last News

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