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WALKFI is a social blockchain-based app which users can join for free and walk to earn $WALK tokens, which can be swapped or used to customize or mint new NFT items for selling or renting out. WALKFI offers various NFT items such as WALKFI Outfits, Pets and Sites that users can buy and take advantage of. It is also possible to connect with friends, walk and attend social events together.
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Imagine that you are holding a running competition for a group of young people. There is a big prize waiting to be won by the winner. After the start signal is given, do you think each of them will run as fast as possible toward the finish line to achieve that prize?

A young American man once proposed a game to a group of children in a small village in Africa. He had a box of candy and asked the kids to run to a tree. Whoever got there first would win that candy box as the prize. The kids waited nervously for his signal. He counted "one, two, three" then expected each of them to run as fast as they could. However, to his surprise, instead of being competitive, they held hands and started running together to that tree. You might wonder why they did that. But in their mind, they wanted to win together and the happiness of all members was the happiness of each person. A well-known journalist, Lia Diskin, associated this story with a bigger concept of "Ubuntu", which could mean "I am what I am because we all are". It focuses on the human interdependence to make sure that no person is left behind.

Deeply inspired by this concept, our WALKFI team aim to create a community where its members are connected and motivated to improve their physical and mental wellness together. Whenever we feel weak, we can always find the strength back in this community, to keep moving forward despite all the frustration or negativity that life throws at us. We don't have to walk alone. We can stay connected and stay healthy together.

To achieve this, we provide our community members with the opportunities to connect with other people and earn financial rewards for their active lifestyle and fun activities to make it exciting.

At the same time, we will join hands to protect our planet for future generations by committing to carbon neutrality and animal saving. We believe with the power of the community, we can positively contribute to a better world.

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