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VOLARE, The First Commercial Blockchain Network from EQBR Technology.
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About Volare

Volare project offers a substantial technological breakthrough as the first commercially viable blockchain network based on the strengths enabled by Equilibrium`s technology, strong scalability, and speed. This represents the aspirational essence to create a genuinely commercial blockchain ecosystem.


The World’s Top-Tier Commercially Viable Blockchain Engine.

High Performance

Volare Network’s based technology, Equilibrium engine, achieved 4,500 TPS and block generation and confirmation time of less than 3 seconds, hence a new blockchain platform that can match the operational speed of existing financial systems. Moreover, the Equilibrium engine also takes into consideration several factors for commercial use, such as storage, stability and speed.

Micro-chain Architecture:

The Equilibrium engine applies microservice architecture and it is divided into several micro -chains in one network. Each business domain has its own database on the ledger and logic is designed as a single micro-chain by matching smart contracts. This isolates failures and loads between each micro-chain to eliminate the correlation between multiple services, and guarantees scalability in terms of being able to upgrade to system performance that matches the business domain. This change in network structure will also yield numerous application points in the field of blockchain technology, such as the innovation enabled by the microservice architecture, and will directly lead to the accelerated commercialization of blockchain technology.


Volare Network supports healthy and developmental environment that can constantly enhance network ecosystem with various services.

API Supports

Volare Network enhances the use value of digital assets in ecosystem by providing environment encouraging development of high-quality services, especially blockchain-based games. In Volare Network, 3rd party developers will be equipped to easily participate network, develop services, and utilize blockchain network as they are given smart contracts in the forms of API which are necessary for service development. This implies various adequate services will be developed, and services in the ecosystem will gain sufficient chance to enhance the Use value of each token through friendly rivalry.


Decentralized Exchange (DEX) of Volare network maximizes the exchange value of digital assets(tokens) in the ecosystem. Decentralized exchange provided by Volare Network is that the assets are kept and managed by individual users, unlike the Centralized Exchange (CEX), which stores assets on a central server. Since DEX is designed on an on-chain basis, and peer-to-peer direct trading marketplace, so the safe transactions are possible without hacking problems that occur on an off-chain basis and no a trusted 3rd party relaying transactions.


Whisper MSG as an industry standard social blockchain service started with a slogan “Your Privacy is Our Privacy”. Whisper MSG users can enjoy messaging features without providing personal identification information. By utilizing EQBR blockchain technology, Whisper MSG liberates from security and privacy issues. And Whisper MSG provides a feature of Wallet that can manage various digital assets in Volare network. Users will find the genuine meaning of a commercially viable blockchain engine by exploring Volare network embodied by Equilibrium engine and the ultimate secure messenger from Whisper MSG.


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