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A Next-Generation Tokenized Social Interaction Platform.
The first democratic and free social network created so that individuals and companies alike can generate wealth using a token of value. Do business, find investors, create your NFTs, earn money by watching videos and add value to your content
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About Viblos

Why Viblos?

Are you tired of giant tech companies using your data as well as targeting and bombarding you with advertising without your consent, and worst of all, you get nothing out of it? Viblos is going to help create a new synergy on the internet.
This new model combines blockchain technology with social networks. By allowing you to generate income as a passive user without having to create content, Viblos is going to make the impossible possible.
On Viblos, you’ll be able to earn money in multiple different ways while at the same time sharing and monetizing your contributions in a secure, transparent and verifiable way. Users or content creators can decide to be paid not only with fiat money or other cryptocurrencies, but with the platform's own token as well.

Generate Wealth!


Viblos offers you a wide variety of ways to generate income. From looking for investors for a great business idea to selling objects and/or bartering with them, it also allows content creators to earn money by valuing their talents and various social interactions.

The token’s value is generated by you and your community in a democratic way instead of by a small group of people sitting behind their desks, deciding what is good and what is not. With Viblos, we’re introducing a new concept called “value of people”, or VoP, which allows for showcasing talents and abilities from an artistic, communicational, educational and entrepreneurial perspective.


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Viblos Team

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Daniel Schabron
Business Developer & Founder
Carlos Pérez
Founder and CEO of Viblos
York Hovest
CEO of Heroes of the Sea
Daniel Bauer
COO of Heroes of the Sea
Saskia Hovest
PR of Heroes of the Sea
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