Universal Brand

Universal Brand

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Created using Figma
Expand business that can expect very steady profits acquired by electricity trading by hydroelectric power generation and clean crypto currency mining that is most friendly to global environment with high revenue that almost take electricity charges.
Risk: Very High
Dec 1, 2017
Feb 14, 2018
100% completed
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About Universal Brand

Most small hydroelectric generation don't produce hazardous material and it is the most friendly way of power generation to environment among other green energies (solar power, wind power, geothermal energy, biomass), and it is the business playing important role to regional economy.

For further dissemination of green energy market, we sell "WAT coin", the unique currency of my company in ICO (Initial Coin Offering). 11.00% of maximum interest (value of retaining rights) and speculative opportunity acquired after listed on the exchange can be distributed to owner of WAT coin due to percentage of number owned of coin.


Dividend can be distributed by the percentage of coin owned basing on to total sales of the company. We distribute 56% of sales to owners of WAT coin as dividend and remaining 44% apply to maintenance, management, business operation expense of electric plant and mining equipment. The coin that is criterion for judgement of dividend is managed by exclusive application of "WAT Wallet" mentioned later.

Universal Brand Roadmap

  • Dec 2017

  • ICO(Sell 30,000,000 pieces) l Start to build hydro - electric power equipment l Release WAT Wallet
  • Dec 2017

  • ICO(Sell 30,000,000 pieces) l Start to build hydro - electric power equipment l Release WAT Wallet
  • Jan 2018

  • Start Mining Business
  • Apr 2018

  • Crypto currency exchange (candidacy) * CoinExchange, * YoBit, * Cryptopia, * Anxpro
  • Read More
  • Apr 2018

  • Start Pay out dividend to investor
  • Aug 2018

  • Completion of cumulative 50kWh mining hydro-electric power equipment
  • Sep 2018

  • Establish Crypto exchange of self company
  • Dec 2018

  • Completion of cumulative hydro electric plant of 5
  • Jul 2019

  • Completion of cumulative 300kWh mining hydro-electric power equipment
  • Dec 2019

  • Completion of cumulative small hydroelectric generation of 12 machines
  • Oct 2020

  • Completion of 600kWh mining hydro-electric power equipment
  • Dec 2020

  • Completion of cumulative small hydroelectric generation of 20 machines


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