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Undeads Metaverse

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Undeads Metaverse is a nextgen AAA zombies survival NFT game that is entirely player-centric. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and features intense and engaging gameplay, player-determined economy, and partnerships with world-class production partners. Players can earn rewards while fending off zombies through digital land, cosmetics, and game characters. The game features a player-driven economy where the value of items is determined by players themselves through supply and demand.
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Feb 23, 2023
Mar 23, 2023
100% completed
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About Undeads Metaverse

Undeads is a multiplayer MMORPG game with large selection of income-producing mechanics design to earn crypto while playing and interacting with other players. The game is an isometric survival game with action-combat set in a post-apocalyptic metaverse with an emphasis on a resource-oriented conflict between two factions: Zombies and Humans. Players have to explore new territories, push off and defend their settlement, grind resources, craft & improve equipment, trade, learn a profession and develop their NFT character.

We are strived to build an ecosystem of active gamers and deliver the ultimate gaming experience created around a community and player-driven economy, which is supercharged with a broad range of income-building mechanics and engaging activities.

Our main goal is to change the perception of play-to-earn games and power the NextGen Web3 Gaming. Blockchain has been incorporated into games to essentially reward gamers for their effort and dedication. We truly believe in this initiative, yet we do not consider a game as only a source to earn extra money. The gameplay must be captivating, exciting, and obsessive just like regular games we love. Our primary priorities are rich gameplay, fine-tuned economy design and multi-verified security to ensure the highest level of players' assets protection.

That's why we decided to introduce our view on the crypto world. Our team is committed to establishing new standards of enjoyment for P2E games while creatively offering multiple ways to earn for our players.

The Undeads is a roleplay survival game behind a more important ambition of creating Game Finance and Meta Finance for the P2E community, and on the same determination to bring actual independence and ownership to the ever-expanding blockchain world.

Undeads Metaverse Roadmap

  • Quarter 1, 2022

  • - Team formation
    - Production of handcrafted NFT collection with over 300 unique attributes
    - Development of Game Design Document started
    - Technical documentation of smart-contracts
    - Trademark registration
    - Development of 22 smart-contracts started
    - Certik security audit prepaid and scheduled
  • Quarter 2, 2022

  • - Technical infrastructure rollout
    - Website development
    - Celebrity endorsements and brand ambassadorship arrangement
    - Multi-channel marketing plan preparation
    - Game storyboarding
    - Video content production (teaser, trailer)
    - Milestone scheduling
    - Product prototyping and mockups
    - Design and composition of merchandise box
  • Quarter 3, 2022

  • - Scaling of development & game art team
    - Lore document completion
    - Art Bible document completion
    - Lore document completion
    - Game Design Document completion
    - Design of tokenomics and metaverse economy
    - White-paper release
    - Smart-contracts audit by Certik
    - Launch of Web 3.0 platform
    - Marketing plan execution, signing contracts with celebrities, sports teams and influencers Bounty campaigns and crowd marketing by community
    - Modeling and designing of in-game assets
    - Elaboration of game mechanics
    - Production of audio and visual effects
  • Quarter 4, 2022

  • - Participation in offline NFT events
    - Investors outreach
    - Market makers onboarding
    - Bugs detection & fixing
    - Sound design modeling
    - Executives onboarding
    - Security audit
    - Whitelisting deployment
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  • Quarter 1, 2023

  • - Playable celebrity avatars NFT sale
    - Launch of Staking Marketing campaign
    - Launch of Staking
    - Bug fixing and improvements
    - In-game economy monitoring and improvements
    - Potions NFT mint via Mystery Boxes
    - UDS (ERC20) token sale
    - Listing on exchanges
    - Launch of branded Undeads merchandise box sale
  • Quarter 2, 2023

  • - Internal Alpha testing
    - Performance improvement
    - Game balancing
    - Dogs NFT mint launch
    - Airdrop of antidotes to Zombies NFT holders
    - Marketplace launch
  • Quarter 3, 2023

  • - Land plots sale
    - Сlosed beta subscription for community
    - Airdrop and competition
  • Quarter 4, 2023

  • - Gameplay improvements
    - Driveable vehicles NFT sale
    - Undeads Beta launch
    - Mobile apps release
    - Collaborations with brands
  • Quarter 1, 2024

  • - Launch of Undeads v1.0
    - Airdrop
    - Launch of leaderboard with weekly prize pool
    - Official Undeads party
    - Driveable vehicles add-on
  • Quarter 2-4, 2024

  • - Launch of in-metaverse ads and NFT advertising slots
    - Co-integrations with external metaverses
    - Set of patches with new in-game items and mechanics
    - VR Spaces Launch
    - VR Games Launch

Undeads Metaverse Team

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Leo Kahn
Ash Hodgetts


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Brunello Pianca
Francesco Piras
Michael Huynh
Don Ho

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