Undal Prime Token

Undal Prime Token

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Created using Figma
Undal Token wants to be very clear. We support decentralization in Africa from African technologies using distributed banking systems such as cultural block chains and tokens (Undal Prime Token, UPT). Also, the concept of 2.2 billion people currently living in Africa continues in the United States and Europe.
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Aug 31, 2018
Sep 30, 2018
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About Undal Prime Token

Undal Technologies wants to be very clear. We are using a decentralized banking system such as our culturally based Blockchain and our Token (Undal Prime Token or UPT) to support our African Technology to De-colonize Africa and the mindsets of its 2.2 Billion + people who currently reside mostly in the African Continent but also in the Americas and Europe.

  • We are not against any other culture or its people. We are not a hostile organization. We do not subscribe to Black Power or Black World Dominance. We do not support acts of terror by any means. We are not interested in any countries or the political well being of any other country or continent other than Africa and the united African.

  • We are not nor do we support any geo-political liberation movement. We do not condone acts which are not regulated and committed with intent to disassemble, contort the truth or defraud.

  • We are a Technologies Company based and conducting business only in Africa that produces technological products and services that are designed to enhance, improve and implement the sovereignty of the lands of Africa and its rightful culturally connected people.

With the purchase of a UPT an African will own a share in the return of the African Sovereignty, Experience African Unity and help build a land that provides abundance evolved education and Thriving lands and its people from now on for every African.

Undal Technologies believes that every attempt to return the African to is historical stature of Glory was flawed in its protocol. The fundamental mistake was rebuilding a race inside of an existing implemented paradigm.

However decades have provided Undal Technologies' founders the ability to observe where we have historically made errors. We understood that a reboot was required and technology would support this initiative. For Africa to return to our sovereign state, we had to wait for the technology to evolve so that it would be powerful enough to reshape our paradigm. With the birth of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency we began to wake up to the possibilities being placed before us. Still it was with the birth of A.I. that we finally realized it was time for the world's first Technologies Company to reawaken and continue to evolve the African.

We are pleased and grateful for those who lit the fires for our return. We also are excited to begin implementation of African decolonization and want to thank those who have joined our team as developers partners, investors and advisors. These wise and important members of Undal Technologies have made it possible for this amazing event to occur.

Its an amazing time to be alive and Undal Technologies will be leading the way, restoring the true and natural manner, this planet's rightful caregivers were meant to live. Please like, click the follow button and share so that you will receive updates and be entered into our database. Once you are a proud owner of UPTs you will begin to see unfolded before you, technological wonders that will amaze, delight and secure your African unified lives. IF you are African and support real African culture, Undal is about to bless your life in ways never before imagined.


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Baratang Miya
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Bheki Gumede
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
I am Bheki Gumede, the CFO of Undal Technologies, we are revolutionising a way of life here in Africa and Abroad thru a decentrilized blockchain system, and disruptive innovative technologies (designed and manufactured locally). We are creating the very 1st unified single African cryptocurrency (unifying the entire African Continent) and its 1.2 billion citizens, allowing multilingual african languages transcactions. Bitcoin brought about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, we are taking it further fusing our multilingual A.I. dapp that can now allow anyone from africa and abroad to transcact with each other in their own respective languages but in real-time using our tokens as a currency and mode of payments.
Lebogang Miya
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Head of Research and Development

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