Uncomplicated Coin

Uncomplicated Coin

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Like Doge, Shiba etc - we are just uncomplicated. Buy in and see if the value goes up. That's all! It's very uncomplicated!
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Token Details
Token Distribution
In circulation for investing: 93%
Founding team and marketing: 7%
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About Uncomplicated Coin

Does what it says on the tin...

This website theme had so many functionalities that we just deleted... Exchange listing count downs, a variety of widgets and some other cool things. However, we didn't want that! We want it to be uncomplicated... Just like Doge, or the Shiba coins or any other meme coin, we just hope and pray we get enough adoption to make some money for us and our "investors"! The coin literally as NO utility but to go up in price. We'll discuss with exchanges about going on, we'll have some private sales (may be)... We'll keep it simple and just hope the value goes up - because why the F not during these crazy crypto times eh? 


If it means anything to you: It's an ERC20 coin. Eventually we'll have some form of telegram chat or something - you can start one if you want I suppose.

How You’re Protected

This is a required title in this theme... Simple, it's all on the blockchain. That's about it. Not complicated!

Why Us?

Why not?


Will there be token burns? Yes - with consensus, unissued tokens may be burned in the future. But really, let's not complicate things too far. 

Any additional monies required for anything: Out of Founder's pocket

It's really quite simple. If we need to inject capital, we can. However, the initial sale itself should be enough! 



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