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Ujiwater will come with multiple flavours, and exclusive editions. Enjoy the taste of Uji, with your flavour. Enjoy the Potent Euphoric High, with taste. With a potent and safe Mix of CBD and Kanna, we have created the perfect legal euphoric combination in a bottle. A true luxurious experience, at low cost.
Nov 2, 2018
Dec 2, 2018
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About Ujiwater

Ujiwater, a revolutionin Euphoria, A rare bottle.

Imagine a bottle, so luxurious and unique, that when consumed,not only tastes like the best water from the highest quality artesian aquifers, but induces a feeling of love, extreme euphoria and happiness. Sounds heavenly right?Well that is what Ujiwater has created. A bottle so unique, that nothing like it exists.A bottle that unlocks Euphoria, Intense feelings of love, and happiness of those who consume it, without any side effects or comedowns.

Ujiwater Research and Development ongoing! We are nearing Production stage! Ujiwater goes through extensive research and development, as well as clinical trials, to ensure that our products are very harmless and do not produce unwanted side effects. All the ingrediants used in ujiwater is legal, as well as healthy. Sure, whilst still containing Kanna and CBD, the effects will only be those which Kanna and CBD cause together, an experience. We go through great lengths to ensure that all our bottles are consistent, and only of great quality.


Ujiwater Team

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Babu Rishikesh
CEO & Founder
Joseph Ivy
Luna Ahyoka
Chief Operating Officer
Raoul Duke
Chief Compliance Officer
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