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UFAN8 is a LIVE Streaming Entertainment Platform where anyone can become a Star. Our vision for UFAN8 is to return the industry to artists. We wanted to give every independent artist and musician an equal opportunity to build their career and become a star. This ICO is unique as we are working the UFAN8 token into the ecosystem of the business itself, allowing performers for earn UFAN8 tokens. Today, only a microcosm of entertainers ever “make it” big, or at least big enough to be a full-time entertainer, we exist to give everyone a shot to do what they love for a living. We've been working hard for over 3 years to plan and build UFAN8, now it's your turn to get in on this exciting new fan based economy!
Risk: High
3 months
Feb 19, 2018
May 19, 2018
100% completed
$30 000
3% goal completed
Goal 1 000 000.00 USD
Cap 10 000 000.00 USD
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About UFAN8

UFAN8 is a Fan Economy Platform (FEP), a LIVE performance platform combining aspects of YouTube, Pop Idol, Twitch, MCNs, YouTube Stars, Music and Performances. 
UFAN8 allows Performers to showcase themselves in real-time, LIVE for the world to view. This is done over the Web and Mobile. One Performers can broadcast themselves to thousands of simultaneous viewers using our FEP platform. In turn, our commerce component, explained below, allows the easy and free exchange of commerce of virtual and real-world items. All the while, UFAN8 takes 40-50% commission.
LIVE video is the future and UFAN8 is a platform that can be distributed in multiple countries providing Social TV at each point.
• UFAN8 is all about THE FAN ECONOMY: a community of fans, with strong affinity for a brand, cultivated and invested by a brand that eventually drives business value
• Establish a Fan centric eco-system
• Build a social brand
• Unleash Fans Value
We know this will transfer to the West in big numbers because of the success of LIVE TV, YouTube Stars and MCNs.
This is working in China and Indonesia: YY.com does $750,000,000+ in revenue. Some spending 25% of their income on this.


features like:
• Monetizing Your Content: As you use UFAN8 to grow your fanbase, you’ll also earn a share of the revenue generated from your channel! Partners can determine the length and frequency of mid-roll advertisements through their dashboards.

• Channel Subscriptions: UFAN8 Partners can earn even more revenue through channel subscriptions. If you choose to enable this feature, viewers and fans can support you by purchasing a monthly subscription to your channel in exchange for access to special perks such as:
• • Custom Chat Badges
• • Custom Emoticons that you can create and upload
• • Access to Subscriber-Only Chat Mode
• • Exclusion from Slow Chat Mode
• • Unrestricted Access to Broadcast Archives
• • Unrestricted Access to Artist’s Discography and Audio Uploads
• • Unrestricted Access to Video Quality
• • Ad-Free Viewing Experience

• Video Transcodes: UFAN8 Partners will always have access to quality options for their channel. Quality options allow viewers to select the video quality that best suits their internet speeds.

• Cheering/Tipping: A revenue driving way for viewers to show you their unwavering support and celebrate the moments they love during your broadcasts shared in the

Technical Info

  • UFan8 employs its proprietary LIVE Performance technology including Performer's Tools, Audience Interaction Tools, and a built-in comprehensive Commerce Mechanism. UFan8 incorporates the world's best CDN system to offer high quality LIVE video streaming and recording capabilities.


  • Front End
    • Client
      • jQuery - Framework for user interactivity; used by AngularJs
      • AngularJS - JavaScript framework for building user functionality
      • Boostrap - CSS framework for page layout, styling, look and feel
      • Flow Player - Flash player for live streaming
      • PubNub - Real time messaging for chat
    • Middle
      • Python - Language for handling browser requests, processing and saving to the database
      • Django - Python framework for rapid development

UFAN8 Roadmap


  • http://www.ufan8.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/UFan8-ICO-Whitepaper-3.2.1.pdf


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UFAN8 Team

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Daniel Johnson
Product manager
John Rustin
Cryptio Expert
Sean Malatesta


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Seamus Blackley
Digital and Video Game Advisor
T. Berry
Music Advisor
Chris Gunn
Business Advisor
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