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Jul 6, 2018

Ubcoin market-place is a worldwide Ebay-like peer-to-peer marketplace where everyone can safely and seamlessly sell or purchase a result or a help for cryptocoins. Ubcoin Marketplace is a global mobile marketplace for buying and selling real world goods for cryptocurrency.
Its main goal is to bring 200 million new retail investors to crypto by eliminating all fiat obstacles on the way to crypto.
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Apr 2, 2018
Aug 27, 2018
100% completed
$4 500 000
hard cap
28% goal completed
Goal 16 000 000.00 USD
Cap 16 000 000.00 USD
Hard cap 21 500.00 USD
  • 1 UBC
    0.007 USD
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About Ubcoin Market

Ubcoin Marketplace is a global mobile marketplace for buying and selling real world  goods for cryptocurrency.

The number of cryptocurrency holders is projected to increase nearly 10-fold, from the current 22 million to 200 million worldwide by 2020. The simplest way to become an owner of cryptocurrency is by selling goods for crypto. This approach will drive mass  adoption in the coming years.

Capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is around $400 billion. There is a great demand to spend that wealth by buying real world goods for crypto.
Nearly half of all online buying and selling activity now occurs in marketplaces, while mobile commerce will soon surpass web commerce as global smartphone penetration reaches 37% of world’s population by 2020.

The Ubcoin Marketplace is not a greenfield project, but an extension of the Ubank mobile app:

A matured company, existing since 2009,
Our current product, Ubank, has over 16 million installations worldwide,
We consist of 50+ developers, top management and advisor talent,
Ubcoin will enhance and reinvent existing product value proposition,
 Samsung and Fly pre-install our current product on all smartphones, sold in CIS,
including flagship Galaxy 9.

The token sale seeks to raise financing to expedite development of Ethereum blockchain-based smart contracts, of AI-based screening and KYC technology, and to fund global expansion. Ubank app’s unique distribution model through pre-installation by manufacturers will be scaled to new geographies.


The new Ubcoin features of Ubank app include the following:

Storefront Section:
• Product categories screens;
• Product description screens;
• Smart-search engine with relevance algorithms based on search string, geography, product descriptions, user reviews and ratings, and prices;
• AI-based engine for pre-screening user posts, product descriptions, visual and video content.

Seller Account Management Section:
• Easy-to-use tools for creating and managing sale posts;
• Tools for promoting and targeting posted ads;
• Ad stats (views, clicks, conversions, reviews etc.);
• Terms of sale and payment management screens;
• Seller’s cryptowallet;
• Review management screens;

Buyer Account Management Section:
• Saved favorites and previous searches;
• Buyer’s cryptowallet;
• Purchasing history;
• Smart recommendations engine based on previous searches and purchase history;
• Purchase review management tools.

Ubcoin Market Roadmap

  • March - May 2018

  • Conduct Limited Private Pre-Sale and Token Sale
  • 2006 - 2011

  • NaviFon launch - mobile navigation application.
    Utalk launch - crossplatform messaging client.
    Preinstallment agreement with Samsung. Ubank trademark registration.
  • June 2018

  • Beta Ubcoin Marketplace developed for existing Ubank app
  • 2013 - 2014

  • Ubank launch.
    Preinstallment agreement with Fly.
    Ubank raised $8 million investment from Runa Capital, leading Russian venture investment fund. More than 3 million users.
    Preinstallment agreement with Huawei.
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  • Aug 2018

  • Larger development team is formed
    Beta smart-contract platform developed
    Support & veribication team formed
  • 2015 - 2017

  • Strategic partnership with MDM Bank.
    Co-branded card launched.
    Ubank financial marketplace model launched.
    6.1 million downloads of Ubank app on GooglePlay.
    Strategic partnership with Sovcombank.
    12 million downloads of Ubank app on GooglePlay.
  • Sept 2018

  • Beta-testing of MVP through existing app distribution channels
    with leading smartphone manufacturers
  • 2018 - WE ARE HERE

  • Beta smart-contract platform developed.
    Support and verification team formed.
    Beta-testing of MVP through existing app distribution channels with leading smartphone manufacturers.
    MVP launch in Eastern Europe.
    Basic KYC framework developed.
  • 4 Q 2018

  • MVP launched in Eastern Europe
    Basic KYC framework developed
  • Q1, 2019

  • Full version of the app launched in Eastern Europe.
    App distribution agreements extended to additional regions.
    Beta open API developed.
  • 1 Q 2019

  • Full version of app launched in Eastern Europe
    App distribution agreements extended to additional regions
    Beta Open API developed
  • Q2, 2019

  • Launch in Middle East and South Korea.
    Beta AI-screening developed.
  • 2 Q 2019

  • Launch in Middle East and South Korea
    Beta AI-screening developed
  • Q3 2019

  • Launch in South East Asia and South Asia.
    Open API available for developers.
  • 3 Q 2019

  • Launch in Southeast Asia and South Asia
    Open API made available to developers
  • Q4, 2019

  • Launch in Latin America.
    Full AI-screening tool rolled out.
  • 4 Q 2019

  • Launch in Latin America
    Full AI-screening tool rolled out


10 164
67 524
1 617
11 069
30 Days Growth:
Year commits:
Open issues:

Ubcoin Market Team

Verified 17%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Felix Khachatryan
Founder, CEO
Mazhar Jan
Founder, Investor


$4 500 000

Andrew Lee
Founder and investor of Ubcoin
Stan Danysh
COO of Ubcoin
Alexander Putilin
CTO and chief blockchain developer of Ubcoin
Marina Lerner
CMO of Ubcoin


Verified 0%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Yama Bassam
Maxim Filin
Evgeniy Pavlov

Ubcoin Market Interviews

Stan Danysh
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
COO of Ubcoin. This is a great marketplace for mass consumers wanting to become crypto investors. The best part about it is that it’s not just an idea, but already 16m users, strategic partnerships with Samsung and Fly, and ready to go global.
$ 0.0002
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Market Info
Market Cap:
$ 64.281 K
Volume 24h:
$ 4.50
Circ. Supply:
342.272 M UBC
ICO profit
X 0.0268
ICO Price~$0.0070

Ubcoin Market Reviews


Market Competitive environment:
According to BI (Business Insider) report, over the period 2015-2020 the annual average growth of mobile online payments in the amount of 40% is expected, the volume of such payments will grow to $128 billion by 2021, and the number of people making payments will grow at the same rate and will make up about 150M people by 2021.
EBAY, Amazon, Aliexpress, etc. are indirect competitors among global marketplaces, but for today they didn’t adopt blockchain and opportunity to pay with cryptocurrency. Ubcoin claims to get significant competitive advantage with the use of blockchain-technology and cryptocurrency payments.
OpenBazaar is the closest competitor, but since it is fully decentralized it is prone to darknet-like transactions because there is not monitoring and screening of postings. Ubcoin is committed to fully legal transactions and goods being sold on its marketplace.
There are the following competitors on the decentralized market:
Storiqa – in the course of ICO $25M was raised, capitalization - $64,2M, ROI USD - 1.14x
INS Ecosystem - raised - $41,5M, capitalization - $23M, ROI USD - 0.30x
Soma - raised - $6M, capitalization - $0,8M, ROI USD - 0.20x
In the near future leading cryptocurrencies plan provide buyers with single payment solution, where payment gateways will be integrated, which allow making payment not only in crypto currencies but also in fiat. However, the legislative regulation of the crypto currencies of majority of countries is in its infancy.

The project advantages:
The main advantages of Ubcoin are as follows:
Large existing user-base, not a greenfield. DApp has access to 16 million apps for immediate distribution
Minimum mediators. Using the app, the number of participants taking part in the process of link sale is maximally minimized – the process occurs P2P according to smart contract conditions.
Decentralization. The app provides that initiating, settlement and consulting of transactions will be recorded in blockchain. Thus, all necessary information will be always available and which is very important – no one could change it.
Smart contracts automate execution
Zero cost for internal UBC token transactions
Unique distribution strategy through app preinstallations

The project popularity in the social networks and discussion forums
As of June 12, 2018 the user base in the project social networks counts over 35K users, however, the audience activity is low.
Twitter — 20,9K, 1 post has on average to 50 likes and shares.
Facebook — 13,3K followers, the average number of likes and shares per post - 60.
Medium – 404, but feedback of users regarding posts is low (on average 50 claps), there are no comments.
Youtube – 3,3K of subscribers
The profile in bitcointalk, which also represents the project bounty campaign – Member level, activity - medium
In the official channels of Telegram the number of users are high - 30K., very active - especially in English, Korean, Indonesian and Chinese groups

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he Ubcoin project is expanding its business as a marketplace and intends to offer its own token to be used in transactions on a proprietary platform developed on the basis of the successful Ubank product.

Despite the use of cryptocurrency’s rapid increase in popularity, it still remains somewhat incomprehensible for the majority. Many prefer to stay away from any non-fiat transactions due to conservatism; there is only a superficial penetration of cryptocurrency into everyday life. Ubcoin may have to deal with this problem. However, the project counts on attracting crypto users, rather than those who prefer to settle in fiat currencies.

Factors that could have a negative impact on the future development of the project and the forthcoming ICO include the following:

  • There are some direct blockchain competitors in the market. This could hamper the development of the project.
  • The hard cap is not justified as currently set.

However, we note that the project has advantages over its competitors; a business model and a global marketing strategy are presented, and the token is tied to platform services. Unlike its competitors, the project has a ready audience as a result of 16+ million installations of the Ubank app; the Ubcoin Marketplace will be part of this, which is an advantageous position compared to competitors that have to build up their user bases from scratch.

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