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A platform for discovering the truth and blocking fake news. Trive™ is a Nash Equilibrium Global Consensus engine that researches and clarifies Truth through Human Swarmed crowd wisdom using blockchain based rewards and verification mechanisms. Using crowdsourced research, game theory and cryptocurrencies it will enable people all over the world to research, verify and score the truth of almost any piece of knowledge. We implement this by using game theory, blockchain and cryptocurrency to incent rational behavior. The resulting effort is hashed/stashed to the blockchain via a smart contract to ensure the sanctity of the Truth Hive (Trive™) process.
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About Trive.News

Trive is a social science consensus engine that researches and clarifies facts through Human Swarmed crowd wisdom. We incent people to do primary research into news stories, compensate them with our own coin, Trive Coin, and hash/stash the results on the Block-Chain.

Trive  creates a Nash Equilibrium incentive structure for the research into news story claims. An antaganistic relationship between researcher and verifier creates a checks/balances process that reinforces research quality.

Trive  creates a feedback loop to media companies who monetize your attention. By reducing their revenue when they arenn't honest, we can send a strong signal that

"The truth is the truth no matter who speaks it."

Our mission is to eradicate fake news worldwide through alternative feedback mechanisms, incentivizing media to tell the truth. We also anticipate many traditional media fact-checking functions can be done faster and more efficiently using Trive .


Trive has 5 types of “players”:

- consumers who consume the news and send stories of interest to the
- curators who bid on stories and publish lists of article claims
- researchers who are incentivized to find and document convincing true data
- verifiers who verify the supporting evidence
- witnesses who review research and participate in the truth scoring process

Technical Info

Technical details:  Implementing crowdsourced research by using game theory, blockchain, and cryptocurrency Ethereum erc20 standard token Using of Meteor.js,, IPFS, Ethereum The source code:  The code is not available. Proof of developer:  Public team

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David Mondrus
Murray Barnetson
Eric Grill
Sam Eaton
Thomas Smith
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Tatyana Bragina
Senior Developer
Dane Truelson
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Joyce Mondrus
Executive Secretary
Jennifer Lee Curry
Reality manager
James M Ray
Community manager
Joseph Santaniello
Community director
Molly Jacobson
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Trive.News Reviews

The advent of fake news and other dishonest new outlets has made the general public skeptical about journalism. People today no longer know what's true or false anymore, which is especially true when readers skim over clickbait articles that newspapers have been forced to create in order to stay in business.

Trive claims to solve this problem by bringing trust and transparency back to the forefront of publishing and journalism.

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The general public is now safe from dishonest media outlets which present fake news. TV, online articles, magazines, and newspapers have misled the masses for a long time. This manipulation, mostly by governments is coming is coming to an end. Trive which is supported by internet and cryptocurrency is bringing trust and transparency back to journalism and publication.

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