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Transition LLC was founded to establish a large green area reserve around the United States. These sites named John Muir Green Burial Sanctuary provide a rustic and beautiful green burial place with trees, natural leaves, roads, monument benches and other natural environments. They will not be in the green burial site of a traditional cemetery adjacent to toxins, pesticides, carcinogens. They have a few attractive facilities for worship, worship, and regular anniversary gatherings. The company will provide related products including biodegradable coffins seeking alternatives to simple linen wraps and will partner to provide body transport services as needed.
Sep 1, 2018
Oct 1, 2018
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About Transition

A Green Burial costs about $5,000 today, and the cost is expected to increase in the future. TransitionCoin offers a way to reserve an environmentally sensitive Green Burial today or anytime in the future for $4,000, an immediate 20% savings that could grow much larger – see the actuarial tables below. Unlike a cryptocurrency that is backed by nothing, TransitionCoin is a digital token backed by a smart contract for a real service that is not expected to decline in value. In early 2018 the company decided to create TransitionCoin, a utility token and smart contract on top of the Ethereum blockchain, to prepare for the rapid growth ahead. Our aim is to offer an environmentally sound alternative to the traditional funeral process or cremation by providing a natural process of returning the body to nurture the Earth, trees, and plants. Transition LLC will offer natural burials at any time in the future for 4,000 TransitionCoins. Because the dollar cost of funeral services and the demand for green burial services are expected to increase steadily in the future, the value of a TransitionCoin may increase in the future. Transition LLC and our team are uniquely suited for this opportunity.


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