Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Unique sexy NFT collection
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About TRabbitars

The TRabbitars collection has SEXY written all over it. The TRabbitars are similar to those that were released by a popular American magazine that is mainly aimed at men and was the first to show female nudity and sexually oriented content in a sophisticated format. The choice of rabbits is also based on the logo of the popular American magazine.

Governance Token The TRabbitars Governance Token can be received by staking your sexy TRabbitars! The sexier the TRabbit, the more of the governance token you will receive through staking! The staking option will be developed after the mint of all 3333 TRabbitars   Governance System In the TRabbitars governance system, users will be able to use their hot governance token to vote on the future developments and decisions of the sexy TRabbitars project!   Both the governance token and governance system will launch after the mint of all 3333 Trabbitars   Once all of the TRabbitars are minted, the marketplace will open!
On the marketplace, you can: Sell your sexy TRabbitars & Buy new sexy TRabbitars exhibited by other users!    

TRabbitars Roadmap

  • 01 Minting

  • Launch of the project
  • 02 Marketplace

  • Put up your NTF for sale and buy those that are sold by other users
  • 03 Staking

  • Put your crypto to work and earn rewards on it.
  • 04 Governance system

  • For various services to the project, individual users will be credited with governance tokens.
  • Read More
  • 05 External marketplaces

  • Connection of foreign markets for the possibility of bringing NFT to various sites


30 Days Growth:

6 107 707
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