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Apr 18, 2019

B.A. Toys branded cryptocurrency, Toyken, represents a melding of our brand's philosophy, proven business methods, customer expectations and all that encapsulates a total buying experience at B.A. Toys, in the form of a virtual token. Toyken has become a natural evolution in our already existing, proven, working business model. We sell toys & collectibles that are high demand and hard to find. We will now be designating massive portions of our inventory for sale only for Toyken. Said items cannot be purchased from us with fiat.. To completely understand Toyken and what it stands for, you must first understand how B.A. Toys came to be, what shaped us along the way & the company we have become.
Early Adopter Offering Round
May 4, 2019
May 31, 2019
100% completed
Raised funds - no Data
Goal 1 000 000.00 USD
Cap 3 500 000.00 USD
  • 1 TOYKEN
    0.04 USD
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
Public Sale 85,250,000 (85.25%) Wallet 3PCaJPKZtqyhvjEdQE1PzLnD6F2oPiqUdJd

Marketing 8,750,000 (8.75%) Wallet 3PGpEipTVU8Y5zJHowLHFuY1x8mMcDUBNYp

Team 4,000,000 (4%) Wallet 3PJwwkgPCDReG2d7YwkWfwymo4g2iaXiCP7

General 2,000,000 (2%) Wallet 3PFgjhwAhd3k3G9YieX47jPyZbkh54HrTnF

Total 100,000,000 (100%)

Designated Use Wallets (marketing, general, etc...) have transparency postings on our site, which currently show the Toyken allocated to each wallet. You can view this information at
Accepted Currencies
Company Details
Registered Country
United States
Bonus Structure
Reverse Airdrop Bonus- in lieu of airdrop, we have taken what the cost of an airdrop would have been, and applied it for discounting the Early Adopter Offering Round even more. Our already low offering price, has been reduced by 25% which means Toyken is only 4 cents usd each. Site redemption value will be a minimum of 6 cents, and more likely 8 cents per OUR minimum.
Additional Details

About Toyken

B.A. Toys Horizon Project: Toyken

Toyken represents a melding of our brand's philosophy, proven business methods, customer expectations and all that encapsulates a total buying experience at B.A. Toys, in the form of a virtual token. Toyken will first be available on The Waves Platform, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, in early 2019. To completely understand Toyken and what it stands for, you must first understand how B.A. Toys came to be, what shaped us along the way & the company we have become.

The Early Years

B.A. Toys was established in 2010. By 2015, sales revenue was in excess of $300,000.00(USD) annually. As a bootstrap startup, our first years of sales were extremely challenging. Bootstrapping a company means starting from nothing. It requires strict budgeting and management accountability. It teaches one how to succeed creatively, stretching resources, networks and money as far as you can. Bootstrapping can rarely be taught; It is a particularly powerful and priceless skill set, one that is severely lacking from cryptocurrency projects.

Our 2nd year we managed to become an involved retailer of Mega Brands' Mega Bloks construction sets. Fast-forward: We eventually went on to become a preferred Mega Bloks specialty retailer and received the prestigious honor of unveiling new Halo, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed and other Mega Bloks set releases & product information, globally. You can find further detail about this monumental achievement, in our full document.

During our 3rd year B.A. Toys experienced a noticeable increase in sales volume due to netting higher prices from older, discontinued toys & collectibles. We had considerable levels of these items. In hindsight, the owner's intuition played an integral role in our "accidentally-genius" salvation. The considerable revenue increase resulted in B.A. Toys upending "conventional business practices".

B.A. Toys-Forged Business Model

Rather than clearing through inventory as quickly as possible, B.A. Toys implemented competitively pricing current merchandise, for only as long as necessary, to pay off the invoice for that specific merchandise. For example, newly released item A is only on sale until item A's invoice is paid in full. Item A is then warehoused until the item is discontinued and nearly all other competitors are out of stock.

We call this inventory program, B.A. Toys Forecast SIM. A system in which inventory management, duration and storage costs increase overall long-term costs, but results in overall sales revenue increasing at substantial multiples, while customer acquisition costs plummet. Day-to-day customary operations keep customers happy with competitive pricing. Later, more customers are just as pleased paying higher prices, long after an item has been discontinued, due to prolonged availability. This set the stage for Toyken, our B.A. Toys branded cryptocurrency.

B.A. Toys' New Cryptocurrency

Toyken is B.A. Toys branded cryptocurrency for toys & collectibles.  Toyken will play an integral role on our website and hopefully in the collector community. As we devote products to B.A. Toys Forecast SIM annually, we will convert said products from US Dollar sales to Toyken sales. Once an item requires Toyken, it can never be purchased on our website for fiat ever again.  Only Toyken.  We go into this topic IN DEPTH in our Toyken White Paper.  


Website Developments & The Power of Toyken

Our website is receiving massive upgrades and developments in the first half of 2019 to handle increased capacity. Our new website will be immersive with innovative, interactive functionality and historical price indexing of/on products in US Dollars and Toyken as necessary, highlighting opportunities and benefits of Toykenomics.

Here's a sneak peek at future developments for our new & improved platform:

B.A. Toys' Toy Power℠ Membership
(previously BANOPI) will receive many new features and unique benefits. All Toyken users (& hodlrs) are automatically members of Toy Power℠.

ToyTRAX℠ allows for historical market price gain/loss tracking of items on site, item watch lists, as well as voluntary custodial chain (ownership) documentation for active Collectibles Traders. Think of ToyTRAX, in a general sense, as a portfolio for your toys and more. All powered by Toyken™.

B.A. Toys Marketplace: Third-party selling platform will have a large, active supply of toys & collectibles from third-party sellers. Sellers will be required to list a minimum percentage, likely 2-3%, of their total items available on B.A. Toys Marketplace as requiring Toyken™.*

Powering Features
We will retain a percentage of Toyken collected per year to power any B.A. Toys' memberships, clubs, internal actions, metrics, etc... that are powered by Toyken. We will also BURN 10% of Toyken we collect for the first two years, minimum.

Additional Toyken distribution and burn information is available in the Toyken Distribution Section. Imagine a cryptocurrency that sees year-round usage and then seasonally spikes in high transactional volumes at the end of every year. We suggest you secure Toyken early!

 Remember to view our Full White Paper which has extensive information!

Toyken Roadmap

  • Q1/Q2 2019

  • Upgrade Website to include internal/external functions of Toyken including but not limited to: website upgrade/development, interactive product enhancements displaying Toyken requirements, live time Toyken prices on said designated items, and interactive charting of historical prices for all items on our website. Additionally upgrade our affiliate program, rewards program and loyalty program to be powered by Toyken.
  • Q1 - Q3 2019 +

  • Broaden and expand B.A. Toys offerings to include new wholesale accounts that offer even more appreciating collectible items. This will further enhance the demand for Toyken. Popular manufacturer and distributor product lines and placements can take anywhere from 3 months to 18 months setup prior to new product releases. We will have many new lines in place for Christmas 2019.
  • 2020

  • Develop B.A. Toys Marketplace, a 3rd party sales platform for Toys & Collectibles only. B.A. Toys will provide guidance and wholesale opportunities to qualified Toy retailers through the B.A. Toys Power Membership powered by Toyken. Sellers on our 3rd party marketplace must designate a certain percentage of the total number of collectible items they have for sale on said marketplace to be traded in Toyken(likely 5% at minimum). This means if a seller has 300 items for sale on said marketplace, 15 of them will be traded only for Toyken. will do the conversions for them, they will just need to set their wallet id and specify said products through a product-feed-file or by clicking a button if they are small sellers that create products one at a time.


Toyken Team

Verified 100%

Jeremy Buse
President & Founder
Frank Melson
Public Relations, Sponsorships, Team Events
Stanley Schmidt
Diversity Leader, Sassy Social Media Hammer

Toyken Interviews

Jeremy Buse
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the Founder of B.A. Toys. I have lived my life by the saying "Do what you love" and it has allowed me to stay highly focused on work, without feeling like I was even working. I am PASSIONATE about work AND my hobbies. This gives me drive and determination that is often unparalleled when focused on a task. I will be in full command of where the Toyken Horizon Project is headed. Additional team members that may be brought on board and partnerships that I deem vital to success will also be in my wheelhouse. I find it hard to write about myself using "I" as everything about my work, my life and my advancements in both- have been accomplished because of teamwork and "WE".
What do you think about idea?
I hope Toyken brings a refreshing dose of reality to crypto even though first impressions may be "mundane". I truly believe other projects already wish they were us. What WE have is REAL.
Frank Melson
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Promoter and sponsorships. bringing the batoys name to the fore front of the industry. Doing what I love to do.
What do you think about idea?
It's a great way to get back to collecting toys. For all to enjoy Jung and old. The way we remember as in days past
Stanley Schmidt
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Social Media Hammer and Diversity Team Leader.

In the Social Media arena it is my responsibility to monitor and enforce BAToys' strict compliance in transparency and proof of statements. Also, I verify the voracity of independent contracting partners, as well as their credentials to ensure a proper fit with the values of BAToys.

For Diversity Team Leader, although smaller in role, I assist in maintaining the relationships between BAToys and contracting enterprises, assuring proper compliance with our overall company vision and ethical standards.
What do you think about idea?
I am very proud to be a part of this ICO. Jeremy has burned many candles at both ends to assure success and his past has proven just that. This Toyken ICO will give toy collectors as well as crypto enthusiasts a chance to be a part of a collector's/crypto paradise. If toy collecting isn't for you then the anticipated demand of the Toyken should be your rationale for joining our project.
5.0 18
ICO Profile Vision Activity Potential Product Team
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