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Townforge is an open source economy planning game built on top of a Monero fork, where every in-game event is contained in a public transaction, ensuring full history preservation and cheating prevention. Players can optionally build voxel based representations of their buildings on a procedurally generated 3D landscape, and engage in a number of ways to earn on-chain gold.
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About Townforge

Basic gameplay
The basic Townforge gameplay is about buying land in a town (some places are better than others, so looking around for nice spots is a good idea), creating various types of buildings on that land, and managing income from those. Other gameplay styles are also possible, typically based on complex economic interactions leading to emergent strategies, with no pre-defined player career archetypes - basically you are free to choose your own destiny and ambitions.

Townforge is a PoW blockchain, with an emission schedule similar to Monero's, but with faster block times for smoother gameplay. Additionally, in-game DAOs also receive regular emission (about 9% of the total emission), to be automatically distributed to game players based on their gameplay  performance. As in Monero, a tail emission exists to ensure long term playability.

The town treasuries are automated game accounts controlled solely by consensus rules, ie Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. They receive regular new emission as per consensus rules, as well as income from player economic activity (buying land, purchasing building materials, etc). Four times a day, the DAO pays players based on their buildings' performance, as well as a measure of their in-game prestige.

Anyone can create new in-game Non Fungible Tokens with custom designs stored on IPFS (Interplanetary File System). The game can display that data if they're images. Items are not limited to NFTs, and can be integrated into gameplay. Player designed items can also embed gold, which can be redeemed
at any later point. These gilded items contribute to a player's prestige and income.

Decentralized marketplace
Townforge items (construction materials, gemstones, NFTs, food, etc) can be traded in the in-game marketplace, where bids and offers are transactions which can be matched and mined by any miner, thereby executing the sale/purchase.

Collecting gold coins and gemstones boost your prestige score, which leads to extra regular income to the twenty most prestigious players. Optimize your collection to become one of the Townforge elite. Gold coins and gemstones can be traded on the open market, and coins may be redeemed for their gold content at any time.

Monetary instruments
You can raise money by mortgaging buildings (automated repayments, and the building will be automatically auctioned if you default on repayments). You can auction building and items. You can create an in-game company and issue freely tradable shares on the market. You can issue dividends in money and items.

Merge mining
Townforge is merge mined with Monero (at the miner's option). This works for both solo mining and pool mining. Merge mining affords Townforge some of Monero's network security while avoiding extra energy expenditure. Mine Townforge, and you also mine Monero with no additional cost. A PoW/PoS hybrid may be added in the future.

Circular economy
The in game economy is based around the city treasury DAOs, which fill up with the money players spend on land, building construction and maintenance as well as the regular coin emission, and provides players with income based on how well they perform in the game. This means that money players spend playing the game will ultimately flow back to them, leading to a circular economy not unlike the real world economy.

In game decentralized chat
In game chat is based on transactions that get to the txpool but never get mined, therefore allowing completely decentralized chat while avoiding blockchain bloat. Supports custom chat colors and built-in emojis, with new unlockable styles based on player achievements.


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