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Totem is a decentralized financial infrastructure platform for cross-chain trading of DeFi products and financial derivatives.
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About Totem

Totem was founded by a team of engineers, academics, and financial inclusion enthusiasts, and the multi-disciplinary nature of the team gives Totem its project advantages of comprehensiveness and completeness. Totem innovative TOTID decentralized identity, stable currency agreement TOTS, liquidity protocol TOTL and automatic marketmakers, etc, in the form of block agreement together, users can will deal in the form of the subsystem are combined, to create a variety of functions and performance of the new system, for the DPayment, DEX, DeFi decentralized financial applications such as commercial grade service.  

Totem is aimed to build a distributed financial infrastructure for digital assets. With the distributed architecture, Totem connects and facilitates value exchange among different blockchain ledgers. It applies the cutting-edge theory of cryptography to build a general-purpose cross-chain protocol and a distributed ledger that records cross-chain and intra-chain transactions. Public, private, and consortium blockchains all can have access to the Totem network at a low cost. This network makes possible the connection of different blockchain ledgers and the transfer of assets across ledgers. It revolutionizes blockchain technology and expands the blockchain network into a scalable ecosystem.

The Totem platform lays the foundation for new decentralized networks, provides the infrastructure for digital currency and digital asset-based financial applications, and also provides support for new financial business models, services, organizations, and the entire society and economic system.



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