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Dec 30, 2020

TORUM is a one-stop social media platform specially designed for cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts
Oct 1, 2020
Feb 10, 2021
86% completed
0% goal completed
Goal 500 000.00 USD
Cap 500 000.00 USD
  • 1 XTM
    0.05 USD
Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
Ecosystem : 40.0000% @ 400,000,000 units of XTM
Team : 30.0000% @ 300,000,000 units of XTM
Private Sale : 3.2825% @ 32,825,000 units of XTM
IEO Pre-Sale : 1.0000% @ 10,000,000 units of XTM
IEO Sale : 9.0000% @ 90,000,000 units of XTM
General & IEO Marketing : 5.5000% @ 55,000,000 units of XTM
Strategy & Development : 8.0000% @ 80,000,000 units of XTM
Reserve : 3.2175% @ 32,175,000 units of XTM
Accepted Currencies
Min Contribution
Company Details
Registered Company Name
Torum Technology Sdn. Bhd.
Registered Country
Company Founded
Nov 1, 2018
Bonus Structure
Pre-Sale Bonus: 20%

Bulk Purchase Bonus:

Purchasing size between 2,500 and 4,999 USDT: 10.0%
Purchasing size between 5,000 and 9,999 USDT: 15.0%
Purchasing size between 10,000 and 24,999 USDT: 20.0%
Purchasing size between 25,000 and 49,999 USDT: 25.0%
Purchasing size more than 50,000 USDT: 30.0%
Additional Details


TORUM is a crypto-focused social media platform specifically designed for cryptocurrency communities around the world.

We strive to accelerate the growth of the crypto industry by connecting worldwide cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts to become the largest central crypto social hub.

Our ERC-20 utility token — XTM forms the backbone of TORUM's ecosystem and is integrated throughout the entire ecosystem to provide long-term value to every XTM HODLer.




  • TORUM's specially designed cute and engaging crypto-themed stickers
  • Act and interact like a true crypto HODLer
  • From Carlos Matos to John Mcafee, until the amazing DOGE and Wojaks

Mission System

  • Reward yourself by staying active and leading others to TORUM 
  • Daily, Weekly, One-time and Special missions available
  • 400,000,000 XTM pledged in this system


  • Support others and get yourself supported with TORUM's crypto-themed gifts
  • Create quality content and make genuine connections
  • Collect gifts ranging from 1 XTM to 1,000 XTM


  • Specialized community building feature for the crypto community
  • Be it mining, trading, airdrop or bounty 
  • Build your community according to your creativity


  • An exclusive identity for crypto projects & organizations
  • Interact directly with the community as a project
  • Linking company with clan creates a synergized community building effect

Technical Info

Every XTM HODLer will be able to use XTM for the following purposes that will be constantly developed and released on TORUM from Genesis (1st Era) until Concordia (5th Era): 

(i) Support the community on TORUM (Released)

The feature allows users to use XTM to purchase crypto-themed gifts to promote and set the quality and standard of contents made by the community. It helps to nurture a healthy and high quality conversation on TORUM.


(ii) Reduced Transaction Fee on XTORUM

The discount feature on XTORUM allows users to use XTM to reduce their transaction fee by up to 50% on XTORUM. It helps to stimulate the trading activity and market liquidity on XTORUM.


(iii)  Profit Sharing Initiative via Token Depository

The feature allows users to lock their XTM in TORUM to enjoy 10% of the ecosystem’s quarterly profit, slightly akin to the concept of staking. The formula of the profit sharing is as follows: 


(iv) Medium of Exchange on TORUM Marketplace

The feature allows users to buy and sell their goods and services using XTM. This is part of TORUM’s initiation to develop a fully fledged one-stop ecosystem that is powered by XTM as the sole medium of exchange in the ecosystem.


(v) Advertisement Slot Bidding 

The feature allows Company Profiles to use XTM to bid for advertisement slots on TORUM & XTORUM. To be fair and transparent to our community, programmatic advertising or any form of advertisement that uses the data of the community on TORUM are strictly prohibited at the early stage of implementation. 


(vi) Community Murot Complex

The feature allows users to buy and sell community-made customized animated stickers on TORUM using XTM. It encourages the community to put their creativity to good use and promote a healthy social culture on TORUM.


(vii)  Premium Subscription

The feature allows users to unlock certain features available only for premium members using XTM. It is a special feature designed for those who
i) are extremely committed in community building with a desire to bring their community building effort to a different level on TORUM.
ii) have the desire to indulge in a greater socializing experience on TORUM.


(viii) Exchange Listing Token Voting Initiative

This is part of XTM’s utility model on XTORUM, which makes it mandatory for projects to pay their full listing fees on XTORUM with XTM. It helps to develop a healthy social media platform and creates a constant demand for XTM, which increases the liquidity of XTM.


(ix) IEO Participating Initiative

This is part of XTM’s utility model on XTORUM where users stake their XTM to earn a percentage based IEO participating right by using the concept of staking. The XTM staked under the Profit Sharing Initiative is separated from this IEO Participating Initiative.


(x) Favourite Coin Integration Initiative
The community is able to stake their XTM to earn a right to vote for a coin to be listed in TORUM’s Favourite Coin.

Note: Some features are still under development and scheduled to be released in our future Eras.

TORUM Roadmap

  • September 2018

  • Idea Generation & Planning Phase
  • November 2018

  • Company Formation
  • January 2019

  • Funding Phase
  • April 2019

  • Product Development
  • Read More
  • March 2020

  • Alpha Testing & Marketing
  • July 2020

  • Private Beta Launch of TORUM & XTorum
    Bug Fixes and Platform Optimization
  • Q4 2020

  • Commencement of XTM IEO Pre-Sale
  • 2021 Onwards

  • Public Beta Launch of TORUM & XTorum
    Beta Release of TORUM & XTorum App for iOS & Android
    Implementation of the Remaining XTM Functionalities
  • 2022 Onwards

  • Transition to a Blockchain-based Decentralized Social Gathering Hub


3 522
30 Days Growth:
2 395
30 Days Growth:

154 850
-329 701


Verified 77%

Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Ah Go
CEO, Front End Developer, Influencer
Alwin Chang
CDO, Project Manager, UI/UX Designer
Jayson Tan
CMO, Community Manager
Teddy Tan
Lucas Go
Graphic Designer, Animator
Nelthan Ng
Chief Operational Manager
Prabhat Kumar
Technical Lead, DevOps Manager
Pardeep Sharma
Front-End Lead Developer
Jacky Chong
Back-End Developer
Max Kwan
Back-End Developer
Ankit Metwal
Front-End Mobile Developer
Bishal Saikia
Front-End Mobile Developer
Chai Wan Xin
Front-End Web Developer

TORUM Interviews

Ah Go
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As the Founder and CEO of Torum, I oversee the entire operation, and make important decisions on all the strategic and business aspects of the company. Also, I constantly focus on leading and motivating the entire team in making sure that everyone moves in the same direction.

Skilled in front-end web development, I'm also taking charge of developing the User Interface of Torum web application.
What do you think about idea?
Having a social media platform, integrated with crypto exchange, that is connected with all the individuals and institutions in this space (crypto enthusiasts, media broadcasters, project owners, law makers, etc.) will form a strong ecosystem and maximize the value of the platform's native token.
Alwin Chang
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the Chief Designer and the Project Manager of this project. I am involved in the planning of the entire concept of features and functionalities of TORUM and oversee the UI/UX development of the project implemented by TORUM's development team.

Other than that, I'm also responsible for all UI/UX designs of both the website and mobile app of both TORUM and XTORUM Exchange. My work also includes the production of various artworks and icons across the entire platform.
What do you think about idea?
I am very confident that the concept of building a one-stop cryptocurrency powered social platform for the industry of blockchain and cryptocurrency is definitely rock solid since the crypto market itself is undoubtedly immature. In my opinion, a reliable shelter for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, influencers, blockchain based projects and organizations to strengthen their community building effort is needed to accelerate the growth of this particular industry.

Paired with our utility token, XTM, to act as the medium of exchange for various monetized features and functionalities, I believe that we have the potential to become the central crypto hub for the entire industry.
Jayson Tan
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
As the CMO and community manager, I single-handedly execute every marketing strategy of TORUM and build a consistent relationship with our community.
What do you think about idea?
TORUM is an idea born out of realization. The space desperately needs a platform that is is unique to its own identity and culture.

By connecting cryptocurrency enthusiasts and projects together, the network effect and economic value that we can unleash is immense.

In an industry filled with scams and P&D schemes, TORUM released our beta product on the 1st of July 2020 before we launched our first token sale. Everyone is able to evaluate the potential of our project based on our platform and make better Pre-Sale purchase decisions.
Teddy Tan
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am currently responsible in managing TORUM’s accounts and also financial plans and cash flow. At the same time, I oversees TORUM’s daily operation and implementation to further strengthen the culture of the company.
What do you think about idea?
I truly believe that a decentralised social app will change the behavior of the whole blockchain industry. The potential of TORUM is unlimited
Prabhat Kumar
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am Tech Lead and Devops Manager in Torum. I handle backend developmnet and and ensure smooth , automated and fast deployment.
What do you think about idea?
its revolutionary and sure shot win... Have great faith on the product. Its the first of its kind and great potential.
Pardeep Sharma
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am working as a Frontend Team Lead in this project. I help in building the UI for this project. This is a the best product I have ever build.
What do you think about idea?
Currently world is lack of market place for crypto companies where they can approach new user's who have interest in crypto. Torum is providing platform to the user to know what's new and currently going on in the cryto market and also will get to know which project is coming new in market and companies will get there potential user to market there product directly
Jacky Chong
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I'm responsible in developing and maintaining the back-end system of TORUM. We putting efforts to make sure the entire system is alive and keep growing.
What do you think about idea?
Once a new technology rolls over you, if you're not part of the steamroller you're part of the road.
Max Kwan
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
A backend developer and contributing full time to the development of TORUM's project back office. Besides, I am offering expertise in API design and server handling.
What do you think about idea?
A new project combination between social media and cryptocurrency which bridging the social gap between blockchain-based entities and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. I believe this project is potentially to change the future trend. Furthermore, I am very exciting and pleasure to be part of the TORUM.
Ankit Metwal
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am working as a Front-End Developer (Mobile). My role is to maintain the application in IOS and ANDROID devices and update them according to the requirements.
What do you think about idea?
The idea behind making TORUM is excited and innovative where people can share their thoughts and discuss about the ongoing cryptocurrency world. TORUM including XTM is a very investing process where cryptocurrency enthusiast have chance to grab huge profit.
Bishal Saikia
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
My role at TORUM is to build and maintain cool features and UI for our TORUM user for both android and iOS platform.
What do you think about idea?
TORUM is the next big thing. This is the one stop for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, influencers, blockchain based projects and organizations.

TORUM Last News

5.0 14
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