The Presidents

The Presidents

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
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About The Presidents

History of Power. History of NFT. Now and Forever.

The first unique hand drawn NFT portrait collection of 50 of the most powerful and well-known presidents from all parts of the world (USA, China, USSR, Italy, France and many more). From the rough times of the Cold War, to a rare, unique, and fun NFT collection.

GameFi and NFT collection of 20 000 masterpieces built on the Binance Smart Chain.

War of MoraleGameFi

Once the game is released, users can participate in a competition, where the winner will receive a handsome cash prize of $250,000!

To participate in the game, users will need to create a team of “allies” consisting of at least 3 President NFTs.

Rare means Rare Each of the 20 000 Presidents NFT portraits are not only hand drawn, unique pieces of art. Each NFT has traits (sunglasses, laser eyes, suits), some of which are rare, some are super rare, and some are one of a kind. These traits will then be used in the GameFi “War of Morale” game and help owners to increase their Presidents in-game skills.

“The Presidents” are digital artwork pieces (Non-Fungible Tokens) built on the Binance Smart Chain and are not affiliated with any of the figures displayed on the NFT’s on the platform, do not aim in any way to mock these figures and are created for the sole purpose of entertainment and ownership for users and supporters of NFT’s and its ecosystem.

The President NFT’s were created and designed at random without the use of any real life or copyrighted content from third-party groups.


The Presidents Roadmap

  • Stage 01

  • 20%
    The Launch of the marketplace for the selling, trading and bidding on Presidents from the collection. Additionally, an Airdrop of 10 Presidents will be given to 10 random early minters.
  • Stage 02

  • 40%
    Airdrop of 500 exclusive new Presidents to users who have gathered “allies”, meaning a minimum of 5 Presidents from any President type (World, USA Legends, Soviet…)
  • Stage 03

  • 60%
    The launch of the cross-chain, which is a smart-contract enabling the exchange of President NFTs to the ERC721 token for the selling on other marketplaces such as OpenSea.
  • Stage 04

  • 80%
    The launch of the platform’s unique governance and GameFi token and the option to stake President NFTs and receive the governance token in return. 10% of the funds will go into the expanding and growing of our NFT collection and impact in the NFT ecosystem.
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  • Stage 05

  • 100%
    The launch of the GameFi “War of Morale” game, which will allow users to exploit the potential and uniqueness of each President NFT. Each President’s trait will have a different impact in the game and allow to obtain more tokens for winning, playing, and participating.


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