The Martian Collective

The Martian Collective

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The Martian Collective aims to build a strong foundation of like-minded people to join us on this great voyage. There are many perks that go along with holding a Martian and the longer you hold, the more success you will find. Check out our perks and utilities and get ready to launch.
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About The Martian Collective

Weekly Giveaways

During our weekly giveaways, Martian holders will have the chance to win 1 Sol, NFT’s and Blue Chip whitelist spots.


Staking & Burning

Introducing Staking and burning Mechanics down the line. Holders will earn $Mars and burn it for Space Crafts.


1 of 1 payouts!!

If you’re lucky enough to mint one of our legendary Martians, you will be sent 10 Sol instantly.


Holders Club

Want to join The Martian Collective’s inner circle? Holding a Martian will gain you entry into our verified club where you’ll have direct access to the team and be able to express your thoughts on the projects direction.


What The Martian Collective is all about

The Martian Collective was founded by a group of friends that threw together their array of skills in pursuit of this creative venture. What originated as a digitised art project has grown into a community driven collective fuelled by good vibes and the love of crypto and art. To learn more about the team behind the Martians, click below.

The Martian Collective Roadmap

  • P1

  • • Confirm a Design for the collection
    • Talks about what utility we could implement
    • Start to build our Website and all other Social
    • Confirm a Mint date
    • Open our discord server up to start building a
    • Start building on Devnet
  • P2

  • • Presale and Public Mint
    • List on secondary market-place Magic Eden
    • List on Moon Rank and
    • List on Solaland Verification
    • Verify Holders for VIP Club
    • Weekly raffle begins for all verified holders
  • P3

  • • Begin Development on our Burning & Evolving
    • Tokenomic & DAO discussion with holders
    • Token development
    • Staking utility finalized
  • P4

  • • Launch the Burning & Evolving utilities
    • Holders evolve there Martians into keys
    • Key NFT collection listed on Magic Eden
    • Key can be Staked to Earn $Mars.
    • Airdrops & Raffle still Pumping
  • Read More
  • P5

  • • Burn your $Mars and Key to get your Martian
    • Space craft can now be staked at a much higher yield
    • Space Crafts will be list-able on Magic Eden
    • Everyone Mooning.


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30 Days Growth:

The Martian Collective Last News

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