The Home Token Project

The Home Token Project

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We're building a tiny home cryptocurrency nation!
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About The Home Token Project

The Home Token project is building a next-gen affordable housing community.

The Home Token Project is an off-grid homesteading solution to unaffordable housing, by creating its own digital currency & self-governance system from scratch and building a brand new self-sustainable income producing residential community from ground zero.

The first phase is a prototype community and will be built by 20 contestants of a survival reality show competition, sponsored and hosted by The Home Token Project. This is an innovative approach to a low cost build with built-in marketing appeal, and provides a win-win for both the project & the 20 contestants.

The tiny homes built in the second phase will be sold and/or rented on the public market, launching the economic phase of the project.

​The Home Token Project is ultimately building a completely tokenized micro-nation in the real world. ​​

The Home Token Project will have it's own native cryptocurrency referred to as the "Home Token". The entire project will be powered by the tokenomics of the Home Token. It is the exclusive utility token of the micro-community project. It is not intended as a security investment product or a charitable instrument. The project founder and team will have a vested interest in creating, increasing and maintaining value of it's native token to ensure the success of it's utility purpose. For that reason exclusively, it will gatekeep the treasury in the interest of all participants in the system, including the token holders. The token symbol is: "HOME"

The Home Token Project will have its own reality show on YouTube, with a diverse team of hosts that have knowledge and expertise in at least one specific relevant part of the overall project. Genre-specific stars & hosts of the YouTube community will also be invited to the show, and hopefully become inspired to become active expert contributors on the actual homestead property. The reality show will track the lives and progress of the 20 homestead participants. The show is going to be entertaining like a survivor reality series with a twist. The competition will be rigged for them to all succeed, with all the equipment, materials and human support needed to do so. The reality show is intended to further build a strong community of support for the field project, and will dually serve as a crypto news & progress update portal for the Home Token.

The Home Token Project will invite 20 homeless contestants to build a self-sustainable homesteading micro-community in the first season. Season 1 will serve as a proof of concept prototype for larger scale developing of the micro-nation and expansion into international projects starting in season 2.

The 20 participants will be provided all the basic needs for survival for the entire season, in a brand new environment, away from the constant reminders of the former competition they lost in society, with a genuine fresh start on a level playing field. The reality show will make it fun & entertaining, but the ultimate goal of the project in addition to solving the shelter problem is to inspire the will & desire to participate in community, be rewarded, and be fulfilled.

The Home Token Project founder and core development team will be fully doxed immediately following registration filing of the corporation, prior to official launch of it's utility token. Ambassadors & other contributors will not be required to dox themselves, but hopefully inspired by the project enough to do so willingly.

The Home Token Project will be a registered not-for-profit corporation in the United States, most likely in the state of Florida. (to be confirmed soon). Obtaining 501c status will come at a later time in the project, to attract traditional donations from large corporations and philanthropical organizations. All contributions will be received in the form of Home Tokens, even if the project has to convert them on the receiving end.


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