The Egg Society

The Egg Society

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Welcome to The Egg Society
Ready to take over the Metaverse and the NFT space.
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About The Egg Society

What is The Egg Society?
The Egg Society is a collection of 8.888 unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain, assembled from over 200 unique hand-drawn traits, with the goal of creating a community-led project with a seeded treasury of 222 ETH.

  Total number of eggs 8.888
  Smart contract type ERC-721
  Number of unique hand drawn traits 200
  3.000 NFTs for 1.000 whitelist seats

The treasury will be seeded after the public sale with 222 ETH and managed through our community voting format, replicating a DAO, giving the holders the power of participating in the governance of the project and decide its future.

The Egg Society is committed to do the best build-outs in multiple Metaverses including Sandbox and NFT Worlds!

3D Egg's
Owning a 2D Egg will get you a free 3D Egg mint which will be playable on our Sandbox land.

Merch Store
Take your wardrobe to another level with exclusive Merch from The Egg Society (Hoodies, T-Shirts, Caps).

Members of The Egg Society will have access to different airdrops of tokenized digital art.


The Egg Society Roadmap

  • 25%

  • Pre-sale will be held with 1.000 whitelist spots.
    2.5 ETH distributed among 10 pre-sale buyers.
    Airdrop of 10 Egg Society NFT'S for the highest level members in our Discord community.
  • 50%

  • The team will re-invest pre-sale funds in marketing.
    The project will be listed on and other websites of interest.
    An exclusive Discord channel will be created for holders.
  • 75%

  • We will hold the public sale.
    Airdrop of 10 Egg Society NFT'S for the holders.
    10 ETH distributed among 10 public-sale buyers.
  • 100% Sold Out

  • We will create the treasury wallet where 222 ETH from the sales will be deposited.
    50% of the royalties from the secondary sales will go to the project's treasury.
    Project's funds management will be done in a transparent manner and will be subject to our community voting format ( as it should be in all projects) replicating a DAO protocol.
    3D Egg’s will be minted.
    Land will be purchased in Sandbox to create games, socialize and exclusive experiences for The Egg Society community members.
    Holders-exclusive The Egg Society Merch store unlocked.
    Like any great collection we have 10 legendary NFT's, whose use will be decided 50% by the team and 50% by the holders through the decentralized voting system (they could be sold, used for marketing, given to celebrities, or any proposal by the holders/team).
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