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The Debt Box

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Decentralized eco-friendly blockchain technology.
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Looking at Software Mining Licenses (NODE)

What is a node?
Blockchains (cryptocurrencies use blockchains) require nodes to operate. A node is a piece of software that connects to other nodes in the blockchain to create a network. Nodes are where data is stored, received and transmitted. They are crucial to network security and integrity.

• Nodes enforce the rules of the protocol.
• All blockchain transactions must pass through nodes as they validate the transactions via a 'consensus mechanism', aka algorithm (mathematical calculations). Multiple nodes must agree that the transaction is legitimate by 'confirmation' before it is agreed to be final.
• Some nodes contain full transaction history.
• Each blockchain has a different protocol or way of validating transactions e.g. the Bitcoin protocol is different to that of Ethereum and has a different means of 'consensus'. Thus, what a node actually does in any given blockchain protocol will vary.

How does DEBT BOX work?
Utilizing DEBT's Box's proprietary software, you can create a portfolio of blockchain miners. By purchasing and managing different software node licenses you can earn rewards from several asset classes, all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

The DEBT token is the central support and utility token for the DEBT Box ecosystem which has a growing list of token projects. Each project will have a swap pairing with the DEBT token. Other projects in the ecosystem are deflationary with transfer fees to support the network, discouraging frequent trading. Because of this, a token holder will be encouraged to transfer their project token value to the DEBT token before transferring and using it for trading and liquidity. With the central role it plays on the platform, DEBT will generate demand as more and more projects enter the ecosystem and token projects mature.


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