The Crypto Buds NFT

The Crypto Buds NFT

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Crypto #NFT collector series with over 2000+ sold!
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Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
CryptoBuds Price in ETH
0-999 0.01
1000-1999 0.02
2000-3999 0.05
4000-6999 0.10
7000-8999 0.19
9000-9899 0.5
9000-9995 2
9996-9999 10
Accepted Currencies
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About The Crypto Buds NFT

We are proud to present to you this NFT (non-fungible token) Art collection of 10,000 unique digital playing cards. Our passion for music + crypto was our driving force behind wanting to start this project. Crypto buds is a digital art collection created by over a dozen highly decorated of artists from around the world!

CBuds have various rarities such as: type, styles, patterns, Mp3's. This simply means: All Crypto Bud cards are rare, but some are rarer than others.

Join the NFT Project Revolution And Make History Today!


The team at Crypto Buds is proud to introduce a combo of digital art and card collectibles with a value truly determined by new owner of this artwork. Unlike other collectibles, these cards offer rarities such as:

Type: DJ Headphones, PC Gamer, Ear Buds, Pods, Bluetooth
Style: Pixel, Pixel Metal, Pixel Diamond, Epic Metal, Epic Diamond
Pattern: Multi, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond
Music Note: Bass Clef, Treble Clef, Sharp, Flat, None
MP3: Hiphop, EDM, Jazz, Country, Rock, None



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