Tendy Token

Tendy Token

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Building a Safe and Reliable Crypto
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About Tendy Token

With the Tendy Network trading app, Tendy Token has the structure to become the most reliable crypto on the market. Tendy Network will donate a certain percentage of its income to the Tendy Token LP, so, therefore, holding Tendy Token could be viewed as owning part of Tendy Network. 

Tendy Token Roadmap

  • Phase 1-The Launch.

  • Host the IDO through BSCstarter and carry out the token distribution schedule
    Launch the remaining tokens on Pancakeswap
    Use funding from the IDO to expand the team with graphic designers, marketing agents, and legal agents. (You can apply for these positions under the contact page)​
  • Phase 2 - Exploration

  • Explore deals with various exchanges to further get the coin connected to the world some include but not limited to WhiteBit, Houbi, Crypto.com, Bitmart, Binance, CoinBase, and the Safemoon exchange prior to their launch
    Explore as many token partnerships as possible that would bring a common good for Tendy
    Obtain office space
    Hire a full team to maintain Tendy Token
    Hire a legal team to begin the legal process of Tendy Network
    Host community fundraiser events to help with Tendy Network
  • Phase 3- Construction

  • Begin the full-scale development of Tendy Network, putting the strongest team we can behind the project
    Create a Network extension for Tendy Token (TND20) to create the algorithm for Tendy to be spent on stocks
  • Phase 4- Tendy Network Launch

  • Launch the Tendy Network app for the public
    Obtain a large headquarters to maintain Tendy Network
    Explore Tendy Banking and Tendy Debit Card for the app
    Launch the community voted charity idea on the app to give back to the people
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  • Phase 5- Network Advancemnt

  • Explore new IPOs and ICOs to be hosted to Tendy Network
    Publish Tendy Gold consisting of research teams to look into stocks and crypto. They bring the people the real news and high-quality data. We plan to let Gold members borrow money from the Tendy to invest in various stocks and crypto.
  • Phase 6- Global Connection

  • Get in touch with as many businesses as possible to allow Tendy to be spent there, advancing Tendy as a Crypto to a new level.
    Host community events like twitchcon to bring the stock and crypto community together creating unity in our community.



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