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Talenter is the unique platform that connects via block chain technology, service provider of any kind and clients. Whether on site at the service provider or as a course at a venue.
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Feb 15, 2018
Apr 6, 2018
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Oct 18, 2017
Nov 17, 2017
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About Talenter

TALENTER (TLT) - the first building block for a worldwide chain reaction.

TALENTER revolutionises the working world worldwide and frees millions of people from the fetters of traditional professional categories. Talenter counteracts the increasing automation and the associated release of labor with the opening up and organization of new services that can not be foreseen in their diversity.

Not only personal talent, but also the blockchain currency TALENTER, in short TLT, will be a sure guarantor of success. All offers, bookings and transactions as well as the service are shown in the TALENTER-Blockchain and the corresponding smartcontracts.

TALENTER (TLT) is a fully tradable crypto currency that allows access to any type of service and course. From low-specialized services such as lawn mowing or dishwashing to highly qualified services like Translation or wood carving.

Together with reliable blockchain technology, this new and open working world will succeede on all continents. It offers flexibility, freedom and the chance of prosperity to an unprecedented degree. TALENTER (TLT) becomes worlds first service currency!


Smart contract and TALENTER app automates the processing of service orders, billing and payment. 

TALENTER is a closed Peer-to-Peer-System. Everybody can offer his or her talents and expertise directly for others via TALENTER.


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Roland Schwarz
Alexander Hotz

Talenter Interviews

Alexander Hotz
"With Talenter, we have developed a solution that gives people a sense of purpose and again tasks, after artificial intelligence will do all our jobs.
The AI will replace each of our jobs, as it is easier, faster, better and more efficient.

That's why we consider Talenter to be a very unusual and important idea for all people around the world. "
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Talenter Reviews


Well, to start with it’s worth noting that the talent provision industry brings in one trillion dollars per annum. Talenter’s strategy is to have 5% market share in this competitive industry. When this is achieved the platform will hold a lot of economic potential for its users.

The number of people migrating from one point of the globe to another in order to get value for their talent is increasing at an alarming rate. This project has the potential of integrating people from all over the world through the power of blockchain technology.

The platform also promotes diversity since it provides an avenue for new discoveries to come to light. By showcasing different talents from across the globe, users will have an opportunity to embrace diversity leading to increased harmony among mankind.

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