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SYNTH. This is a decentralized platform for Java developers. The platform use promotes an extensive use of Java which is the most commonly used programming language hence enabling developers to easily create and distribute their applications from which they can earn cryptocurrencies.
May 11, 2018
Jun 11, 2018
100% completed
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Hard cap 5 000 000.00 USD
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About Synth

We are a group of developers who know several programming languages, but we chose Java, because it is the most popular programming language in the world. We think that Java is the best choice because it is a forward-looking language, here’s why:

  • Transferability - you can run the program on any system and hardware on which there is a Java virtual machine implementation
  • Convenience - basic Java classes and mechanisms are implemented in such a way that they provide the programmer with easy-to-use libraries, which in many cases significantly accelerate application development
  • Speed of application development – it’s faster to create an application in Java than in some other programming languages. It’s because of useful classes and smartly planned libraries, tools and IDE
  • Big support from the developers of programming environments - thanks to IDE environments such as NetBeans or Eclipse, you can create apps faster and more efficiently using professional tools that will facilitate the creation of large applications and control over the creation and maintenance of the code
  • Interesting possibilities to create user interface - the ability to access convenient in use libraries and tools that let you quickly and painlessly create a system-independent and portable graphical interface for applications. Graphics libraries provide methods that are exactly what you need
  • A large amount of publications – there is a lot of information about Java on the web. This is a huge advantage especially for people learning this language. On the Internet you can find a lot of sample code, articles or tutorials. You will find it also on our website!

Synth Roadmap

  • April, 2018

  • Start the ICO campaign
  • May, 2018

  • PC Wallet&MobileWallet release
  • June, 2018

  • Synth listed on global exchanges, Synth Core v1.0 release
  • July, 2018

  • SDK Synth App release, meeting in Europe
  • Read More
  • September, 2018

  • Coinburning
  • Q4, 2018

  • SO Platform launch, Synth Smart Contract prototype
  • January, 2019

  • SDK v2.0 release, ICO Projects based on Synth
  • Q1, 2019

  • E-learning platform release


Synth Team

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Brandon Farrell
Java Developer
Denis Matsuev
Web Developer
Tatsunori Agaho
Full-Stack Developer
Hideo Teramoto
Java/Python Senior Developer
Ajinosuke Fukumochi
Backend Developer
George Shaw


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Tatsuhiko Nakayama
Timothy Stone
Sara Herndon
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Synth Reviews

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business expert


This is a decentralized platform for Java developers. It enables the development  and distribution of Java-based decentralized applications by deploying their own sidechain connected to the synth network  and the developers can build, publish, distribute  and earn their applications in accustom system based on cryptocurrencies


  • Java is the most popular programming language  as it is simple to use hence  the platform enables developers  to easily  implement new functions very quickly and easily
  • The platform use enables faster transactions as it employs 4S blocks  which enables efficient cryptocurrency exchange
  • The platform use is safer  and secure as the sidechain development doesn’t interfere with the synth main network or any sidechain enabling the developers to publish their applications without any interruptions  and allowing highest level of adoptions to consensus algorithm, network scaling  and asset tracking
  • The development of the SDL Synth Applications enables every developer to create  his own applications  and can easily earn cryptocurrencies upon their distributions
  • The  provision of multipart enables the developers to perform different tasks in their sidechain  varying from transactions, token  exchange and consensus
  • The platform involves a credible team with relevant  programming skills and experience enabling them to easily implement this project
  • The platform white paper  is fully  detailed giving the users adequate  information on the importance of Java as a programming language  to all the developers across the globe


  • The platform mobile application has not been developed  hence limiting learning of the programming language via smart phone
  • The SNH token distribution   and  exchangeability with other cryptocurrencies and fiat is not highlighted
  • The use of the platform token doesn’t give the users more incentives on the project by having a share on the profit generated


  • The project team should develop the platform mobile application for smart phone users to enable an extensive understanding of the program
  • The SNH token use  should give the holders more rights on the project by enabling them to have a share of the  project profits


The platform use promotes an extensive use of Java which is the most commonly used programming language hence enabling developers to easily create and distribute their applications from which they can earn cryptocurrencies. This makes the project vital and I would invest in it.

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