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Pixelmon are creatures that come in all shapes and sizes, travelling with you through the virtual world of Eden! They can be caught in-game and be collected as NFT(s) to then be traded and sold. Generation 1 Pixelmon are playable genesis collectibles that will only ever be available during our mint and cannot be
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The Pixelmon Generation 1 NFT is the centerpiece of the entire Pixelmon ecosystem and provides you with exclusive access to:

1) Pixelmon Land airdrops

2) Token airdrops

Pixelmon Land

By holding a Generation 1 Pixelmon, you will gain exclusive access to an airdrop of Pixelmon land. Pixelmon land will be available in a variety of combinations from tents, rooms and shacks, to mansions, shops, and castles! Will you reserve a tent in the wilderness and face the forces of nature? Open up a shop in the town square to sell the items you created at the forge? The possibilities are endless! Release is estimated to be during Q2.

Early Access to Pixelmon Alpha

Pixelmon Generation 1 holders will also be eligible to participate in the Alpha Launch of the Pixelmon game. Your Gen 1 Pixelmon will act as a Level 2 Pixel Pass that will provide you not only with premier access to the alpha, but also to exclusive in-game items and events.

In-Game Rewards

If you own a Generation 1 Pixelmon, you will receive various in-game rewards and items to customise your trainer, decorate your home, and more! These items can only be obtained if you are holding a Pixelmon Generation 1 NFT at the time the items are released. Alongside, items can be bought, sold, and traded via the Pixelmon Marketplace.

3) Increased in-game earning 

4) Alpha game release

5) Limited in-game items and NFT airdrops 

+) More to come

Pixelmon is an Open World RPG NFT game. Train, trade, fight & evolve your Pixelmon through the Metaverse! Will you become a Pixelmon trainer?

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