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Swop.fi is a service featuring functionality for instant exchange of cryptocurrencies and investing assets in order to receive passive income. The service is based on the Waves blockchain which provides high transaction speed and low network fees.
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About Swop

On Swop.fi, users can exchange assets at a price determined by the pool's smart contract. The price depends only on the amount of both tokens in the pool and the exchange volume. The larger the exchange volume, the more the price changes. The more liquidity in the pool, the less the exchange volume affects the price.

Passive Income

You can get passive income in two ways:

  • Invest in the pool of your choice and become a liquidity provider. Liquidity is used to exchange cryptocurrency with other users.
  • Stake the SWOP governance token.

A liquidity provider's income consists of several parts:

  • Trading fees. A fee is charged for each exchange. 60% of the fees remain in the pool and, thus, are distributed among the pool's liquidity providers.
  • Rewards for Neutrino staking and WAVES leasing. Each pool containing USDN, NSBT or EURN stakes these assets to the Neutrino smart contract, and each pool with WAVES leases them. Daily payouts are added to the pool liquidity and, thus, are also distributed among the pool's liquidity providers.
  • Farming reward in SWOP. It is intended for liquidity providers who staked their share tokens. The new portion of the farming reward is credited with every new block that appears on the blockchain. 1 mln SWOP will be distributed among liquidity providers over the first year after the SWOP token launch, another 1 mln in the second year, and then each year 25% less. The total supply of SWOP will be 6 mln.

SWOP staking income consists of 35% of exchange fees in all pools. This part of the fees is converted into SWOP and become the staking reward that is credited approximately once an hour.


  • The entire logic of the service is programmed in smart contracts. You can view the smart contract code on the blockchain or GitHub. The web application only makes it easier for users to interact with smart contracts and also represents statistics.
  • 5% of exchange fees are converted to SWOP and go to the separate treasury. The treasury funds can be spent for various purposes or even burned according to community suggestions.

Swop Roadmap

  • Basic functionality

  • CPMM pools: an exchange rate is determined by the classic Constant Product Market Maker formula.
    Flat pools: an exchange rate is determined by our own original formula designed to reduce slippage in stablecoin pairs.
    Adding liquidity in a single token for Flat pools: the liquidity provider's share is calculated using virtual swap.
  • SWOP governance token

  • Farming: liquidity providers of farming pools who staked their share tokens are rewarded in SWOP.
    SWOP staking: 40% of swap fees from all the liquidity pools are used to buy SWOP tokens that are distributed among the SWOP stakers as a governance reward.
    Voting for pool weights: SWOP stakers vote for the distribution of the SWOP farming rewards between the liquidity pools.
    Voting for new pools: Anyone can suggest adding a new pool, аnd SWOP stakers vote for or against the pool creation.
  • Tokenomics: new utility options for SWOP

  • First harvest: special conditions of SWOP farming for those who voted for the weight of a pool in the first week following its creation.
    Custom pools: the ability to run a Swop.fi pool for any Waves-based token paired with SWOP, WAVES or USDN.
    Boosting: enhanced SWOP farming rewards for those who voted for a pool’s weight. It will become even more profitable for liquidity providers to keep SWOP staked and vote for their pool.
    Greenhouse: farming-like incentive programs for providers of liquidity to custom pools with rewards offered by greenhouse sponsors.
    Seedlings: rewards for SWOP staking paid in tokens of third-party projects. For a project’s stakeholders, this is an opportunity to promote their project by distributing its token.
    LaunchPad: third-party project token IDO. SWOP stakers can buy a project token at an initial price, which can increase significantly as the project develops.
  • Improving user experience

  • Ledger: support for hardware wallets.
    Deposits and withdrawals: deposit and withdraw tokens directly in the swop.fi interface via waves.exchange gateways.
    Routing: swaps across multiple pools in a single transaction.
    Staking 100% of Neutrino and WAVES liquidity with automatic unstaking of the amount required for each swap or liquidity removal.
    Charts of price and volume for each pair, as well as for the share token’s value.
    API for trading bots, support for the ccxt library (possibly, we will make an offer for our community to implement it).


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