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Service for instant cryptocurrency exchange and receiving passive income from investments in cryptocurrencies
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  • Waves.Exchange
    SWOP/USDN 21 minutes ago
    $ 7.53
    $ 34.319 K
  • Waves.Exchange
    SWOP/WAVES 56 minutes ago
    $ 7.39
    $ 1.442 K
  • Waves.Exchange
    SWOP/USDT 24 days ago
    $ 10.43
    $ 282.02
  • Waves.Exchange
    SWOP/USDN one month ago
    $ 16.91
    $ 34.917 K
  • Waves.Exchange
    SWOP/NSBT one month ago
    $ 14.79
    $ 147.91
  • Waves.Exchange
    SWOP/BTC one month ago
    $ 139.18
    $ 110.75
  • Waves.Exchange
    SWOP/EGG one month ago
    $ 149,936.00
    $ 378.63
  • Tidex
    SWOP/USDN 2 months ago
    $ 14.75
    $ 12.201 K
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About Swop

Swop.fi is a service for instant cryptocurrency exchange and passive income from investments in cryptocurrencies. Swop.fi is based on the Waves blockchain, which provides low network fees and high transaction speed.
Cryptocurrency exchange
The service allows you to exchange assets at a price that is determined by the pool's smart contract. The price depends only on the amount of both tokens in the pool and on the volume of the transaction. The larger the transaction volume, the more the price changes. The more liquidity in the pool, the less influence the transactions have on the price.
Passive income
You can get passive income in two ways:
Invest in one of the pools, becoming its liquidity provider. Liquidity is used to exchange cryptocurrency with other users.
Stake a SWOP control token.
The liquidity provider's income consists of several parts:
Exchange fees. A commission is charged for each exchange operation, 60% of the commissions remain in the pool and are thus distributed among the liquidity providers of this pool.
Neutrino staking income. Pools containing USDN, NSBT or EURN automatically transfer up to 99% of these assets to the Neutrino smart contract. Daily staking payments are also added to the pool's liquidity and thus split among the liquidity providers of that pool.
Farming reward in SWOP token. Dedicated to liquidity providers who have staked their equity tokens. A new portion of the reward becomes available with the appearance of each next block on the blockchain. In the first year after the SWOP is issued, 1 million SWOPs will be distributed to liquidity providers, in the second year - another 1 million, and then every year by 25% less. The maximum number of SWOPs to be issued is 6 million.
SWOP token staking income consists of 40% of exchange fees in all pools, which are converted to USDN and used to buy SWOPs in the SWOP-USDN pool. A new portion of the reward becomes available approximately once an hour.
Service features
All service logic is programmed into smart contracts. The smart contract code can be viewed on the blockchain or on GitHub. The web application only makes it easier for users to interact with smart contracts, and also provides convenient access to statistics.
The service does not receive any remuneration. Part of the income goes to liquidity providers, the other part goes to SWOP staking participants.


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$ 12.699 M
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$ 256.324 K
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1.666 M SWOP
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