Sunny Aggregator

Sunny Aggregator

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
The Sunny Aggregator protocol is a decentralized protocol governed by the Sunny DAO. The Sunny Governance Token (“SUNNY”) will be used to make decisions about the future of the protocol. The only way to obtain SUNNY tokens is by farming; there will be no ICO for SUNNY tokens
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  • MEXC Global
    SUNNY/USDT 47 minutes ago
    $ 0.0073
    $ 612.123 K
  • LBank
    SUNNY/USDT one hour ago
    $ 0.0078
    $ 165.196 K
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    $ 0.0107
    $ 3.462 K
  • Serum DEX
    SUNNY/USDC 2 months ago
    $ 0.0817
    $ 2.517 M
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Token Details
Total supply
19,884,700,000 SUNNY
Token Distribution
22% Initial Sunny Contributors (2 year linear vesting)
26% Sunny DAO Treasury
52% Mining Reserve & Airdrops
Additional Details

About Sunny Aggregator

Funds deposited in Sunny will automatically start earning SUNNY yield on August 28, 2021, at some time between 23:00–23:59 UTC. During the first 15 days of SUNNY rewards, 3.75% of the total supply (=0.25%/day) will be distributed to Sunny depositors. During the following 45 days, 4.5% of the total supply (=0.1%/day) will be distributed, and at the end of this boost period, the emission rate of SUNNY will drop.

USDT-USDC Exclusive Launch

To reduce the complexity of the launch and avoid bugs, users can deposit only Saber USDT-USDC LP on Sunny mainnet today. Pools for other Saber LPs will be launched a few days after farming goes live.


Sunny Decentralized Autonomous Organization

While many other Solana projects reserve large allocations for teams, VCs, partnerships, and advisors, the SUNNY tokenomics are designed to provide the right incentive for Sunny to thrive as a decentralized protocol. Sunny DAO is one of the first DAOs natively born on Solana.

The Sunny Aggregator protocol is owned and governed by the DAO; the community decides what to do with the Sunny DAO money in a democratized way. Sunny DAO will receive more tokens than the initial contributors, and the initial Sunny contributors will not receive any compensation from the DAO or any special ownership rights.

All performance fees charged by Sunny go towards the Sunny DAO, and this revenue will partially be used to perform buyback and burns of SUNNY. The performance fee is currently 16% taken on non-SUNNY yields. The APY displayed in the Sunny app already takes into account the performance fee. At launch, the buyback and burn feature is not yet implemented, but rewards will be accumulated in an account belonging to the Sunny DAO.

Airdrop to Osmosis Holders Details to Come Later

Users will be able to claim SUNNY airdropped to Osmosis holders later. There is no expiry date for claiming. Additional details are available on the Sunny Osmosis airdrop medium article.

Any other future airdrops of SUNNY will use snapshots on the first block after August 24, 2021 10:06:33 UTC. There will be no airdrop of SUNNY tokens based on social media.


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Market Info
Market Cap:
$ 2.565 M
Volume 24h:
$ 617.727 K
Circ. Supply:
254.897 M SUNNY
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