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A space where success thrives.
The first of its kind in the metaverse.
Apr 27, 2022
Apr 28, 2022
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About SuccessMetaCity

SMC was born with the intention to help people reach the maximum result with the least effort necessary concentrating in a single place training, service, support and much more. Our goal is to create a virtual environment that will give the user an immersive and high realistic experience, thanks to which it will be possible to combine both theory and practice, exponentially accelerating the learning process.

As today, we are the first and only project of this kind. We aim to revolutionize the world of training, making the learning process extremely easier and more effective.

Our mission is to create a positive and productive virtual environment, useful to as many users as possible. Our city will consist of sector-themed districts that will make it easier to access specific services for each category.
We will create buildings dedicated to training in the most various sectors, and spaces where people will be able to meet and measure themselves with other users that share similar goals and aspirations. In SuccessMetaCity you will be able to find help in reaching your goals, from business to family matters, art, finance and much more.
Everything will be exchangeable through our token. You’ll be able to buy, as well as earn inside SuccessMetaCity.

The world of NFTs and meta-verse, up until today, has been mostly centered on the world of gaming and art. What we are building thanks to your support is a true virtual ecosystem made to unite people aiming for excellence in various sectors, supporting them with numerous services and useful tools that will improve their performance, contextualized in a positive environment founded on fundamentals such as good ethic and transparency. SuccessMetaCity will be the first project ever to offer infinite benefits that will be applicable even to the real life, to your own passion and profession.

Community profile
Our project aims at involving people seriously interested in being part of our community and utilizing the numerous services that we are regularly integrating inside SuccessMetaCity. We would like increasingly more people to buy our NFT, to hold it in the long term in order to access the incredible benefits inside our city.
Owning our NFT will translate to actually being partners of the project. Thanks to it you’ll be able to take part in the meetings, be informed in advance on the future decisions, vote on all the important choices and numerous benefits we will announce along the journey.
Every ETH generated from the mint will be reinvested in the project.


SuccessMetaCity Roadmap

  • - 2/22 Website and social
    - 3/22 Whitelist access
    - 4/22 Mint
    - 5/22 DAO wallet
    - 5/22 Token
    - 7/22 Success Meta City beta
    - 8/22 Staking - Farming
    - 10/22 Block 3
    - 11/22 Block 4
    - 12/22 Block 5
    - 1/23 Success Meta City VR 1.0
    - 2023-2050! Expansion


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