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STOKX is the first swiss real-time decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, providing traders and investors a easy to handle interface with the highest security of a decentralized network. Please read the following guidelines regarding our token onboarding procedure and process.
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About Stokx

Token Listing Request

Please visit the STOKX Token Onboarding Form and provide us with the relevant information requested there.

Token Evaluation and Onboarding Process 
Once you have submitted your token to STOKX, we will carry out a detailed review of your platform, technology, and team. When evaluating a token, we look for the following: Robust, updated code The quality of the development work and smart contracts underlying a token are paramount. We check multiple sources to verify this. Credibility It is important for businesses offering token platforms to have a source of revenue or other capital to guarantee their ability to carry on day-to-day operations and execute growth strategies. Funding can come from existing revenues, venture backing/fundraising, or a combination of the two. Professional Background This is an important consideration. The people are the drivers of success for any business, and we give high attention on their background and capabilities. 

Token Listing 
If your token meets the criteria listed above and is accepted by our team, it will be listed on STOKX within 10 working days of submission. You will be informed directly by our team if and when your token will be listed. Also, each new token listing will be announced via Twitter . ***Please note: STOKX reserves the right to reject any token submission.***

Features Features

As we at are strong believers in the blockchain technology and the value of cryptocurrencies to support ecosystems, we decided to contribute to the further development of this new technology by providing a decentralized marketplace where all contributors can exchange stable coins with each other P2P.

Examples of platform features which will benefit the stokx community:

Transaction Mining

The users can obtain STOKX through the Mining mode of "Transaction Mining". Every user reaching a trading volume of worth USDT 1 mio within 30 consecutive calendar days receives 100 STOKX, independent of the number of transactions made to reach this benchmark volume.

Flat Transaction Fee

Users of the platform will pay a Flat Transaction Fee of 5 STOKX, regardless of the traded amount and regardless of the trading pair. The transaction fee is equal for both Market Maker and Market Taker. All Transaction Fees are to be paid in STOKX, the platform currency of ecosystem.

Margin Trading

Short selling and margin trades allow traders to achieve superior risk management with their portfolios. They also increase market efficiency for the underlying asset by helping in price finding and allowing individuals to express more complex opinions on price.

Safe & Secure

The security management system is built in cooperation with a third-party independent security firm. Furthermore, industry experts conduct the review of code and overall architecture design before the system goes live. Advanced security will be set up to monitor systems.

Non-Custodial Trading facilitate wallet to wallet transactions and thus do not hold user assets. At all times, both the Maker and Taker maintain full custody of their funds within their wallet which resides on the Ethereum blockchain..

Automated Trading and Market Making will provide a realtime websocket API enabling cuttingedge capabilities for automated trading..

Simple Listing Process

We are happy to work with innovative and unique stabletoken projects. Our token listing application form is open for any stabletoken project to apply.. Apply To List


30 Days Growth:
  • Because there may be time differences in information updates, accurate information about each ICO project should be verified through its official website or other communication channels.
  • This information is not a suggestion or advice on investing in ICO funding. Please thoroughly investigate the relevant information yourself and decide on ICO participation.
  • If you think there are issues or problems to be corrected on this content, or if you would like to submit your own ICO project to be listed, Please email us.
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