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Here to Stick Around™ in the metaverse.
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About Sticky DAO

Sticky DAO is an alpha focused community of NFT collectors here to Stick Around™ in the metaverse. Be an explorer for one of 8,888 Sticky on the Ethereum blockchain and use your voting power or skillset to shape the future of our DAO. Over 80% of mint from our pfp collection will go towards the DAO’s Treasury while the rest is being used to strengthen our position and brand. The elected curators will invest in establishing the greatest future-proof metaverse vault. Realized profits will be reinvested or distributed to DAO members.

  • Being part of the DAO community
  • Access to closed alpha channels
  • Whitelist spots opportunities
  • Ownership in Treasury
  • Exclusive physical and virtual events
  • Ownership in passive income through metaverse development
  • Perks & Collabs
  • Staking (coming Q4)



Making an emotional connection. Danny Cole, the artist behind Creature World, wondered in a Twitter space recently: Why do we need something to be an NFT? While the answer may vary for everyone, there’s one thing Danny said that stuck with us:

❝Emotional possessionbrings us emotionally closer❞.

To be part of a group, a community, is one thing. Making a genuine connection is something else. For Sticky DAO, to bring the most value to each other, we need an emotional connection. In the coming metaverse, there is no better way to harness that connection but to share NFTs. NFT communities bring people together with a common interest for an instant connection and acceptance amongst a group of people who would otherwise be unknown to each other.

A big part of the success of Sticky DAO depends on the goodwill in the community. The goodwill to share with each other. To share alpha calls and encouraging WAGMI. Giving back. Paying it forward. That is in our DNA.

Sticky DAO Roadmap


  • Launching website & Founder’s Paper

  • Initial marketing & Sneak Peeks

  • Mint
  • MAY

  • Curator Elections
  • Read More
  • Q3 2022

  • Metaverse Exploration & Development
  • Q4 2022

  • Staking & Token Launch


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