Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Collection of 5000 randomly generated StickDix NFTs dicking around on the Ethereum network. [
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About StickDix

The (cock)block-chain revolution is here. But we have just one question... Where are the dicks? I mean, besides the female egg, is there anything more important than the erect vessel that creates human life? After all, your bitch ass wouldn't be reading this if your Dad didn't pull out his Dix back in 93'. After a few Applebee's all you can eat buffet dinners, your Dad sacked up and made his move on your Mom in the back of his Jeep Grand Cherokee.

It was a brisk winter night in Wisconsin as the snow lightly glazed the pavement, the winter birds sang in the distance, and after a few glasses of Merlot, your Dad made sweet love to your innocent Mother. Maybe you were an accident, but don't ever forget that you're a winner. You were the sperm that made it to the egg the fastest and we created this project for winners. This project was created with a burning STD sensation when we pissed desire to erect a new excitement in the space.

We thought back to when we were merely sperm flagellum, competing like Michael Phelps in the Beijing 08' olympics, swimming to get to that egg first. It was at that moment when the epiphany came on our face to us. We thought: what is more beautiful on this Earth other than inception? The male genitalia was once admired by many nations, illustrated in the ancient Roman Empire, and depicted in statues of the Greek Gods. Now, in 2021, men stray away from a friendly cock-compliment.

Enter: Stick Dix.

The male genitalia is something to celebrate. Something to compliment. Something we see as a natural artistic phenomenon. Something that is overlooked in our everyday lives. Something that every adolescent drew on their school notebook in the 7th grade, or if you’re like us, in your mid-twenties, laughing at 69 jokes, and still drawing Dix everywhere with no shame.

We've lost touch with our Dix and it's time to grab life by the shaft. In our world, NFT stands for Nice-Fucking-Tip. In our world, Open Sea is where we let our cocks free. So it’s simple. If you have what it takes to be a member of our cockmunnity then take that condom off and start raw dogging the mint button today. Otherwise stay a cocks-length away and don't peer over to our urinal to see what we're packing. Pervert.



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