Spectrum Protocol

Spectrum Protocol

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
A decentralised registry of music copyright, powered by blockchain technology
Oct, 2018
Oct, 2018
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About Spectrum Protocol

Spectrum Protocol is a decentralised blockchain-powered platform and e-commerce network for the music & entertainment industry. The foundation of the platform is a distributed ledger for registering copyrights, licensing arrangements and royalty allocations at the licensor side. The ledger provides a verifiable record of copyrights ownership - which any third-parties will be able to inspect. Upon this foundation, we will build a licensing agreement registration and payment system within the protocol that can receive royalty payments and distribute royalties according to royalty allocations at the licensor side. Costs of registration will be kept low, to assure pervasive adoption. Bulk loading for industry participants will also be supported. The Spectrum Protocol platform is designed to be inclusive, to benefit all participants in the music and entertainment industry, including labels and record companies, independent artists, digital music platforms, collective management organisations, aggregators, distributors, publishers, artist management companies, composers, lyricists and concert organisers.

Spectrum Protocol Roadmap

  • Oct 2017

  • Spectrum Protocol development commenced, using a team of 20 developers and several blockchain experts
  • Sep 2018

  • Release v1.0 of Spectrum Protocol on Ethereum mainnet with main features focused on registration of song rights and publishing contracts
  • Jan 2019

  • Release v1.1 with blockchain implementation for China
  • Mar 2019

  • Release v2.0 with support for B2B Licensing & Payment Solution between Licensee and Licensor
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  • May 2019

  • Release v3.0 with support for data exchange with major streaming providers for micropayment and accounting
  • Jul 2019

  • Announce registration of 5 00,000 songs and license contracts
  • Sep 2019

  • Live micropayment integration with 2 streaming service providers


Spectrum Protocol Team

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Casey Ong
Norman Cheng
Equity Investor
Lim Tai Wah
Oscar Wang
Co Founder
Elroy Cheo
Head of Marketing
Jean Peh
VP, Business Development
Huan Phung
CEO of Spxtrum Lab
Vu Thanh Do
CTO of Spxtrum Lab
Phuong Ngoc Bui
Vietnam Representative
Max Cho
Taiwan Representative


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Sherwin Lee
Co-Founder, Legal Advisor
Giouw Jui-Chian
Industry Advisor for Asia
Nic Garnett
Industry Advisor for Europe


$24 733 332

Andras Kristof
Blockchain Smart Contracts Advisor
Wang Yan Dong
Industry Advisor for China
Davis Pang
Industry Advisor
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